5 Best Health Drink For Ladies In India!

best health drink for ladies in India


Generally, we know healthy drinks are for kids. But that’s not the truth. Even adults need health drinks and thus Indian market is flooded with different brands of health drinks. But picking up the best women’s health drink protein powder in India is quite difficult because of the plenty of available options. However, do not worry as we are going to provide you with a list of the best healthy drinks for women in India in this post below…

Why Do Ladies Need To Consume Health Drinks?

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Why Ladies Need to Consume Health Drink


Nutrients are extraordinarily significant for ladies and are likely the macronutrients that most ladies are not getting enough of in their eating regimen. Likewise, in the event that you need to keep up a solid weight gain or get fitter, protein is your closest companion. 

A quality health drink mix can assist you with meeting your objectives and your day-by-day nutrient needs. That’s why you should start drinking the best health drink for ladies in India right away.

Some Of The Best Health Drink For Ladies In India

Healthy diet needs are consistently extraordinary for individuals depending on age, sex, and health conditions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Along these lines, it is significant that you take the correct sort of health enhancements and health drinks

On the off chance that you want to purchase health drinks for ladies, here are the most famous and confided-in alternatives that you can go for: –

Women’s Horlicks Health and Nutrition Drinks:

Women's Horlicks Health and health drinks health drinks energy drinks women healthy drinks for women drinks for women drinks for women drinks for women build strong bones vitamin b12 vitamin b12


Vitamins: Score out of 10: 9.03 – the highest amount of vitamins

Energy value: Above declared value

Carbohydrates: Above declared value

Calcium (per 100gm): 949.93mg (above declared value)

Iron (per 100gm): 31.4mg

Total sugar: Score out of 10: 7.59

Fats (% by mass): 1.62 (below the declared value)

Protein (% by mass): 10.73 (below the declared value)

Folic acid: Score out of 5: 5

Potassium (per 100gm): 562.32mg

Phosphorus (per 100gm): 252.11mg

Niacin (per 100gm): 5.7mg (below the declared value)

Women’s Horlicks was the sole specific nutritional drink for women in India containing the total rundown of micronutrients suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and exceptionally detailed with low fat1 and no additional sugar2. This one is one of the best health drinks for 40+ woman in India.

Women’s Horlicks has been exceptionally planned in light of HEMOCALTM and different nutrients keeping the wholesome necessities of women in the age gathering of 19-50 years that are known to help keep up their bone health and brain health.

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Cadbury Bournvita Health Drink for Women:

Bournvita Cadbury Health Drink for Women health drink for women essential nutrients normal bone development bone density amino acids cholesterol levels nutritional requirements entire day


Vitamins: Score out of 10: 6.16

Energy value: Above declared value

Carbohydrates: Above declared value

Calcium (per 100gm): 304.35mg (above declared value)

Iron (per 100gm): 40.4mg

Total sugar: Score out of 10: 5.98

Fats (% by mass): 2.53

Protein (% by mass): 9.54 (above declared value)

Folic acid: Score out of 5: 4.22

Potassium (per 100gm): 528.79mg

Phosphorus (per 100gm): 248.08mg

Niacin (per 100gm): 13.4mg (below declared value

Cadbury Bournvita for women with a quality recipe stuffed with nutrients that are extraordinarily intended to meet the women’s digestive health under the age gathering of 25-45. It has 100% RDA of calcium, nutrient d, iron, and folic corrosive for Indian women in a similar Bournvita delicious taste with no added sugar. It is among the best health drinks for ladies in India.

Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutritional Drinks for Adults with Nutri–Strength Complex

Ensure Complete, Balanced Nutrition Drink for Adults with Nutri – Strength Complex health drink for women indian women depending vital nutrients weight loss reduce fatigue red blood cells vitamin c right nutrition stronger bones pregnant and lactating women vitamin d energy drink


Vitamins: Score out of 10: 8.53

Energy value: Above declared value

Carbohydrates: Above declared value

Calcium (per 100gm): 416.08mg (above declared value)

Iron (per 100gm): 5.73mg

Total sugar: Score out of 10: 6.17

Fats (% by mass): 8.72

Protein (% by mass): 15.27 (above declared value)

Folic acid: Score out of 5: 3.69

Potassium (per 100gm): 568.35mg

Phosphorus (per 100gm): 314.26mg

Niacin (per 100gm): 8.21mg (above declared value)

Ensure is a finished and adjusted nourishment supplement for grown-ups. It has an ideal mix of 32 fundamental nutrients. It is logically intended for grown-ups to assist them with keeping solid and healthy and furthermore help to help recuperation. 

Ensure appreciation of the trust of grown-ups and specialists in excess of 90 nations around the globe. It is another best health drink for old woman.

Protinex Original:

Protinex Original vitamin d health drink for women whey protein eating regimen healthy bones strong bones cocoa solids grown up vegetarian product


Vitamins: Score out of 10: 7.32

Energy value: Above declared value

Carbohydrates: Below declared value

Calcium (per 100gm): 950.02mg (above declared value)

Iron (per 100gm): 12.7mg

Total sugar: Score out of 10: 9.41

Fats (% by mass): 12.51 (shows maximum variation from declared value)

Protein (% by mass): 31.4 (below the declared value)

Folic acid: Score out of 5: 4.14

Potassium (per 100gm): 2,941.3mg – highest among tested brands

Phosphorus (per 100gm): 420.19mg

Niacin (per 100gm): 9.15mg (below the declared value)

Protinex is the ideal accomplice for you in the race of life. It has zero trans-fats and contains sufficient measures of supplements making it an incredible expansion to your eating routine. 

Each glass of Protinex includes a sentiment of force and accomplishment in your life that drives you to accomplish your objectives. It contains Soy Protein Isolate, not prescribed for individuals adversely affected by nuts or soya.

Boost Health, Energy, and Sports Proper Nutrition Drinks:

Boost Health, Energy and Sports Nutrition drink vitamin d health drink for women muscle mass energy levels improve muscle mass milk solids brain development drinks for women building blocks


Vitamins: Score out of 10: 6.39

Energy value: Above declared value

Carbohydrates: Above declared value

Calcium (per 100gm): 620.42mg (above declared value)

Iron (per 100gm): 4.15mg –lowest among tested brands

Total sugar: Score out of 10: 6.54

Fats (% by mass): 3.19

Protein (% by mass): 8.05 (above declared value)

Folic acid: Score out of 5: 5

Potassium (per 100gm): 548.95mg

Phosphorus (per 100gm): 256.36mg

Niacin (per 100gm): 6.38mg (below the declared value)

Boost is the mystery of winning vitality. Boost is India’s driving malt-based health food drink in a chocolate flavor. It was created by the organization’s R and D group in 1974 and propelled in 1975-76. Its prosperity portrays the way and ability with which GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare has reacted to the changing forms of this item fragment as of late.

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