What Are The Vitamin A Deficiency Disease?

vitamin A deficiency disease


Vitamin ‘A’ is a very important vitamin for our body. Its intake is very beneficial in keeping the levels of calcium in eyes, muscles, bones, and blood. But vitamin A deficiency can cause diseases such as heart, asthma, diabetes. So, let’s know more about vitamin A deficiency disease.

What Is Vitamin A Deficiency?

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Vitamin A is the essential nutrient for eyesight, body development, and strong disease immune system. Apart from this, vitamin A is also essential for iron absorption. The lack of vitamin A reduces the incidence of the eyes and the scars on the skin begin to emerge.

Our body needs many nutrients to stay healthy. Vitamin ‘A’ is very important for our skin, hair, nails, etc. That is, fat-soluble vitamins A ‘helps in all the body parts work smoothly. But according to a recent study, due to lack of vitamin ‘A’, you may also have tuberculosis (TB).

Vitamin A Deficiency Causes


Vitamin A Deficiency Causes:

  • Vitamin A deficiency is due to its lack of diet. Vitamin A deficiency can also be caused due to infections which reduce the appetite or reduce the absorption capacity of vitamin A. Apart from this, the lack of vitamin A can weaken the eye, not tears in the eyes, dry skin and mouth ulcers.
  • There is an ample amount of vitamin A for newborn infants in the mother’s milk. The mothers who do not breastfeed their children or are unable to breastfeed their children are at risk of vitamin A deficiency.
  • Vitamin A deficiency is also caused by frequent urination. You have frequent urination due to infection in TB, urine infection (UTI), cancer, pneumonia, and kidneys.

Vitamin A Deficiency Disease:

Due to the lack of vitamin, A children can be blind. Due to its deficiency, common diseases like childhood diarrhea can also be life-threatening. Vitamin A is essential for everyone, especially for mother and young children. See the vitamin a deficiency disease below…

Loss Of Eyesight


Loss Of Eyesight:

Vitamin A deficiency is often the first indication that the eyesight is diminished. You will feel that you will not be able to see very clearly in the night

Night Blindness


Night Blindness:

The main symptom of vitamin A deficiency is blindness. The beginning of blindness usually comes from darkness or night blindness. Night blind sufferers cannot see properly in the darkness but if there is sufficient light they can see it in a normal way.

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Dry Eyes


Dry Eyes:

Drying of dry eyes or eye water starts digging on the outer layer as the eyes do not tear. As the deficiency of vitamin A increases, the white membrane of the eyes that keeps your eyes moist, it becomes dry and the wounds begin to emerge. With its deficiency, the eyesight goes away and the man becomes blind.

Cornea Infection


Cornea Infection:

There is also a burning sensation in the eyes due to lack of vitamin A. This affects the eyelids and tissues surrounding the eyes. The cornea may also cause irritation or inflammation.

Urine Infections


Urine Infections:

Children or adults may be sensitive to the respiratory system or urine infections.

Vitamin A deficiency is also caused by frequent urination. You have frequent urination due to infection in TB, urine infection (UTI), cancer, pneumonia, and kidneys.

Decrease The Growth Of Children


Decrease The Growth Of Children:

Due to the lack of vitamin A, the physical development of children can stop. This is one of the vitamin A deficiency disease.

Rough Skin


Rough Skin:

The skin can also indicate the lack of vitamin A deficiency. It can be rough and rugged.

Some other symptoms of vitamin A deficiency disease are…

  • Wounds in the eyes
  • Exhaustion
  • Torn Lips
  • Muff
  • Diarrhea
  • Bladder infection
  • Vaginal infection
  • Upper / lower respiratory infections
  • Fill the wound slowly and late.

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