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O positive blood group details


People of O positive blood group, it is believed that they are born to help people. Such people do not go back to helping others and spend their lives in the help of others. O positive is called the universal donor, but when you have to receive blood, only O negative and O positive blood can be donated. Here I am giving some O positive blood group details. See this below…

What Is The O Positive Blood Type


What Is The O Positive Blood Type?

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Blood is comprised of many vital components, including plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets.

In addition, the blood contains antigens. These substances trigger the body’s immune system to attack foreign invaders, such as bacteria. Antigens can also attack “foreign” blood types that have different antigens.

Blood types are classified as A, B, AB, and O, and are further grouped by the presence or absence of an antigen called Rh factor. This makes them either Rh positive or Rh negative.

For example, O+ blood does not have A or B antibodies on the surface of the cells, but it is positive for the presence of Rh factor. In contrast, O- blood does not have A or B antibodies or Rh factor. For this reason, type O- blood is considered a universal red cell donor type.

O Positive Blood Group Details


O Positive Blood Group Details:

As an O Positive donor, you are important to maintaining the blood supply in our community. Annually more than 120,000 units of blood, platelets, and plasma are required to meet the needs of the hospitals we serve, and your blood type is critical in saving the lives of patients in your community. Here know some O positive blood group details…

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Importance Of O+ Blood

Importance Of O+ Blood :
  • 1 in 3 (37.4%) people need O+ blood.
  • The most common blood type.
  • Can receive O+, O- blood.

O+ Blood Type Can Donate

O+ Blood Type Can Donate:
  • Automated Donation (Platelet/Plasma/Red Cell Combination as needed)
  • Platelets
  • Platelets/Plasma
  • Whole Blood

Facts Of O Positive Blood Group

Facts Of O Positive Blood Group:
  • The people whose blood group is O positive have their immune system which is slightly sensitive to those with other blood groups. Therefore, people of this blood group should eat such food which should be digested quickly and should be especially careful with winter and summer.
  • The people of this group believe in helping others.
    Their mind is as clean as a mirror and they can spend their lives in the help of others.
  • They are quite friendly and talkative people.
  • They are very cheerful and stay cool.
  • These people are not able to accept new ideas easily.
  • Apart from themselves, do not give importance to others.
  • People with O + blood group can give blood to all those whose blood type is positive and can take blood from O + blood group O – blood group.
  • Personality Characteristics Some Asian countries, like Japan & South Korea, put importance on a person’s blood type.
  • It is believed that blood types are connected with a person’s traits & personality.
  • Are usually the “cheerleader” of the group;
  • Tend to be more followers than leaders, accepting whatever the plan is and going along with it without protest;
  • Very generous and kindhearted;
  • Generally well-liked by most people;
  • Very flexible, and adapt easily to change;
  • They are easily influenced by others, as well as perceived authorities, such as television personalities;
  • Generally trustworthy, but can sometimes make mistakes due to lapses of focus.

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