Some Astonishing Ghee Nutritional Benefits You Should Know

Ghee is a prominent element in Ayurveda medicines due to the nutritional benefits of ghee. In Ayurveda the cow’s ghee has been described as nectar. Ghee is one of the most common food items of Indian cuisine. It remains in a solid state at room temperature and can be converted into liquid form after heating it lightly. Ghee nutritional benefits are used to get health benefits with many herbs. It is also used for cooking and to enhance the nutrients of food.

Nutrients Present in Ghee

Nutrients Present in Ghee:

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In ghee, nutrients are found in abundance amount. A single teaspoon full of ghee contains 112 calorie energy (The calories of cow’s ghee are in excess quantity) with 12.73 grams of:

  • Saturated fat 7.926
  • Monounsaturated 3.678
  • Polyunsaturated fats 0.473 and
  • Protein 0.04 grams
  • Ghee contains 3.694 mg Omega-6 Fatty acids and
  • 026 mg omega-9 fatty acids are included.


The cow’s ghee contains antiviral, antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The fat present in ghee is very beneficial for the body.

Ghee Nutritional Benefits

Ghee Nutritional Benefits:

Some of the ghee nutritional benefits are listed below. Check out this astonishing ghee nutritional benefits in this article below:

Boost Immunity:

Ghee nutritional benefits help to boost immunity. Ghee with milk is considered as the best anti-aging diet combination. Butyric acid is an important element in ghee that helps promote T-cell production, which is important for working properly for the immune system.

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Destroying Free Radicals

Ghee nutritional benefits help to destroy free radicals from our body and increase immune power. In addition, due to the presence of vitamin A, ghee’s antioxidant activity is helpful in destroying free radicals in the body. Vitamin A is also helping to reduce oxidative stress throughout the body, which could otherwise weaken the immune system.

Prevents The Risk Of Cancer

The pure ghee contains vitamin A and carotenoids, which help in eliminating free radicals from the body. A powerful anti-cancer substance is formed by combining carotenoid with anti-oxidant conjugated linoleic acid and Butyric acid. This combination reduces oxidative stress in the body and prevents the formation of cancer cells. Butyric acid also prevents the growth of mammary tumors.


Vitamin A is present in ghee, which is also a powerful antioxidant that can help in the prevention of cancer especially in cases of ulcerative colitis, which may otherwise cause colon cancer.

Prevents Inflammation

Prevents Inflammation:

Ghee is very beneficial for us because of a good amount of Butyric Acid. It has the ability to prevent and reduce inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. People with Ulcerative Colitis are advised to take ghee directly with their usual diet for treatment and for immediate relief. Butyric acid protects the mucosal wall from any damage. Butyric acid is usually produced by converting fiber to good intestinal bacteria.


A poor digestive tract is not able to produce Butyric acid and ghee is able to overcome this deficiency.

Takes Good Care Of The Eyes:

The benefits of ghee due to the presence of vitamin A in abundance, keep our eyes healthy. Vitamin A protects the eyes. Ghee contains carotenoids in the form of antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals and neutralize their effectiveness.

Gives Stronger Bones & Teeth

Gives Stronger Bones & Teeth

Ghee is one of those foods which are rich in vitamins (Vitamin K), especially vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is essential for the body to help use minerals, including calcium. In fact, this vitamin makes better bones than calcium. This vitamin also helps to prevent tooth decay.

For Pregnancy

Who does not know the benefits of ghee for pregnant women? The ghee nutritional benefits are unavoidable. Ghee is very beneficial for both the mother and the child. Oil massage and hot water bath are given to women at the beginning of labor pain.

In Ayurveda, ghee is suggested to be used as a major diet during pregnancy. This is because ghee is used as a sweet substance, which helps in the mental and physical development of children since birth.

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