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Skin Care for Oily Skin

Skin Care for Oily Skin

Skin Care for Oily Skin :- Every human possess an inner desire to look beautiful. Although inner beauty brings out the characteristic of a person, yet it is the outer beauty which makes him acceptable to the society.

With all the creams and treatments that are out there, why should you use skin care for oily skin? Because your skin is the first thing people see and the one that they are going to remember about you. Skin care for oily skin needs to be done by professionals and made with high quality ingredients. Even though some of these products might seem like they are a waste of money, they might be worth it if they are not harmful to your skin and you are willing to try them.

A common skin care for oily skin product is moisturizers. This type of product is best used under make up. This is because it absorbs well and will not rub off on your skin. I would suggest putting this under your make up before you apply it. However, many of these products can be used before making up to keep the skin moist and smooth. You should be careful not to over use these products because they can irritate your skin and cause dryness or cracking.

Another way to use skin care for oily skin is to use a mask. This is because you will be removing excess oil and dead skin that cause blemishes and spots. I would suggest using a mask under your makeup because the mask will stay on your face all day, instead of the rest of your body. You should also be very careful when using a mask because you don’t want to get an allergic reaction.

Our skin brings out the outer beauty in us. Thus a person’s appearance can be mostly determined by the texture, color or the vibrancy of his skin.

According to science, like most other organs of our body, skin is also an organ. And likewise, it needs caring and protection for the skin to glow naturally.

Skin is the first layer of an immune system of our body. It is the skin which acts as a shield and protects the body from harmful micro-organisms like bacteria and virus.

Apart from this, it protects us from dust and the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Thus we can see our skin needs more protection to increase its natural glow.

It is not easy to take care of our skin properly, but it becomes easy if we know the proper techniques. First we have to determine our skin type− oily or dry.

Wash your face with a normal soap and wipe it thoroughly with a towel and leave it for 2-3 hours. Take a paper napkin and apply it on the skin. If the paper has stains, the skin is oily. Otherwise, it is dry or normal.

A person with an oily skin has an increased amount of greasiness. There is an insufficient supply of blood in the skin cells and as a result the pores are blocked and give an excessive fatty shine.

This type of skin is often exposed to rashes and black spots which leave the skin very dirty and inflamed. There are some ways to take proper skin care for oily skin.


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The proper care of skin begins with the process of cleansing. Oily skin requires frequent cleansing than dry or normal skin.

But many people make a mistake by using strong cleansing agents for purification chosen solely on the basis of pure alcohol. This method is absolutely wrong.

After the use of strong cleaning agents, the skin intensively restores the lack of fat and starts producing more sebum. So to take proper skin care for oily skin gentle cleansing gels or foams should be used.

Hot water should not be used for oily skin as it leads to more release of fats. Moreover cool water helps to narrow the pores of the skin and excellently invigorates and tones.


To take proper skin care for oily skin, peeling should be done 2-3 times a week. Peeling is a cosmetic procedure which cleans the face by removing the accumulated dirt, fatty acids and excess sebum. Moreover peeling reduces skin diseases and prevents the appearance and inflammation of acne.

The best time to do peeling is after washing the face in the evening or at night. This gives the skin time to heal and calm down as peeling leaves the skin with a little stress.

Clay Scrub Mask

Clay is best known to intensely absorb sebum in addition to the dirt and dead cells. Moreover it helps in the tightening of the pores of the skin as a result tightening the skin altogether.

To take proper skin care for oily skin, dark brown or black clay is the ideal choice. Take 1 tbsp of clay (sometimes mixture of both types of clay) and mix it thoroughly with warm water making a creamy paste.

Apply it on the skin and let it dry. After it has dried completely, wash the face with warm water along with constantly massaging the skin.

Masks for Oily Skin

It is quite difficult to keep oily skin in good condition every day. In addition to scrubbing and peeling, it is necessary to nourish the skin with proper masks.

To take proper skin care for oily skin, a mask made of 2 tbsp of lemon juice and low-fat cream is quite good. It makes the face fresh and nourishes the skin cells with Vitamin C.

In summer masks made from raspberries is quite effective. Some women prefer masks made from oat-flakes. Apart from all this, freezing ice cubes is another good way to take proper skin care for oily skin. The ice makes the pores narrower and gives a better complexion.


In addition to all the above techniques, it is always necessary to have a proper and balanced diet always. The proper amount of nutrients can make the skin glow from the inside.

Reduce the amount of oily, spicy and junk food. Take black bread instead of white bread. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. And increase the intake of milk and other lactic products. Apart from keeping the skin healthy, proper nutrition can lead to a slender and smart figure.

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