Belly Fat Burning Exercises That Works Wonder

Undoubtedly belly fat looks awfully displeasing and it also can affect your health in the long run. But if you think that only dieting can burn your belly fat then you are absolutely wrong. You need belly fat burning exercises too as exercise and dieting go hand in hand.

Most of our illness starts from the stomach and if it is not cured at the right time, it also takes the form of a fatal disease. For this reason and to burn belly fat, let’s get some exercises that help for your digestion and also burns belly fat.

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Every other person is troubled by the problem of belly fat growing. The process of belly fat growing is slow that you can’t even notice it at the beginning. And as long as you feel the problem, it is too late.

Your belly has come out so much that it is difficult to control it now but it is not impossible. If you are suffering from this problem then you need to take care of domestic remedies and some necessary exercises as well, to reduce your belly fat immediately. So some belly fat burning exercises are here for you:

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Nothing can burn belly fat as fast as crunches. Crunches are considered to be the no. 1 posture in belly fat burning exercises.

Steps To Do Crunches:

  • At first, lie down on a mat on the floor
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor/lift both your legs off the ground at around 90-degree angles.
  • Now lifting both your hands, place them behind the head
  • Breathe in deeply when you lift your upper torso from the floor, and then breathe out.
  • Breathe in again when you get back down on the floor, and breathe out when you again lift.
  • If you are a beginner then repeat this process 10 times…
  • Practice it in 2-3 sets daily.


While doing crunches do not forcefully bring the head forward. This action can set pressure on the neck and will definitely result in pain. So, just touch your head with your hands to perform the belly fat burning exercises.
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This posture is most effective on the digestive system. By making this posture every day, all the diseases related to the stomach begin to cure and as soon as the extra belly fat becomes less.

So let us know the method of doing this pose.

Steps To Do Boating:

  • At first lie down or sit on a yoga mat on the floor
  • Straight your legs out
  • Now press your both hands just behind the hips on the floor and lean back slightly.
  • Breathe out while you bend your knees.
  • Stretch both your arms and legs together to the floor parallel.
  • Breathing steadily while remaining in this boat pose
  • Practice this posture for between 30 second and one minute.
  • For beginner slowly increase the time if you can’t do it on the first attempt.
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Bicycle exercise is another effective belly fat burning exercise that you can’t ignore if you are trying to get rid of the extra belly fat.

Steps To Do Bicycle Exercise:

  • At first, lie down on the yoga mat
  • Keep your hands behind your head.
  • Now lifting both the legs off the floor bend them at your knees.
  • Bring one of your knees close to the chest and keep another leg away.
  • Now repeat the process with another leg.
  • Keep doing it as if you are literally paddling a bicycle.
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Plank is one of the simplest yet effective belly fat burning exercises exist. In this pose, the body stays in just one position. In addition to this plank does not require any equipment and thus plank can be performed anywhere and anytime.


Do not perform any yoga or exercise just after a meal. Perform these exercises at least 2-3 hours after the meal.

Steps To Do Plank:

  • At first, lie faces down with the forearms on the yoga mat
  • Take your elbows straight underneath your shoulders.
  • Keep your feet straight with the help of the bottoms of your toes on the floor.
  • Put your forearms in such a way that its shape as an inverted “V”
  • Rise on your toes in a way that only your toes and forearms touch the ground
  • Your body has to hover in a straight line from shoulders to feet a few inches off the ground.
  • Tighten your buttocks
  • Look straight to keep your head in a neutral point and take breaths habitually.
  • Hold for this position at least 20-30 seconds
  • Lower yourself back to the ground slowly.


Try to hold this position for 1-2 minutes for a better result.

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