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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum


Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is dangerous for both mother and child, and even the slightest use of alcohol during pregnancy can cause serious problems like fetal alcohol spectrum. So, let’s know about fetal alcohol spectrum symptoms.

Pregnancy is the time when a woman is very happy and it is the most important time for her. There are some things that he needs to follow and some things that he needs to avoid. It is very important for a pregnant woman to lead a healthy lifestyle and to maintain a proper diet for herself and her baby in the womb.

What Is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a condition in a child that results from the mother’s exposure to alcohol during pregnancy. This causes the fetal brain and developmental problems. Problems caused by fetal alcohol syndrome vary in the child but the defects caused by fetal alcohol syndrome cannot be altered.

What Causes Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it also reaches her child. The alcohol easily passes through the placenta and reaches the fetus. The fetus metabolizes alcohol very slowly and alcohol is collected around it which prevents oxygen from reaching vital organs. This causes problems in the fetus due to slow physical development, poor facial features, memory problems, impulse control, aggression/depression, etc.

What Amount Of Alcohol Is Safe?

During pregnancy, no amount of alcohol should be consumed. If the pregnant woman drinks large amounts of alcohol then there is an increased risk of fetal development (FAS). Consumption of alcohol at any time during pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus, not only in the first trimester. Sometimes the woman may be unaware that she is pregnant and is drinking alcohol. This may put your child at risk of developing FAS.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Symptoms:

  • Physical defect
  • Heart defect
  • Deformities in organs and fingers
  • Joint deformity
  • Poor balance
  • Hard to see and hear
  • Kidney and bone defects
  • Poor memory
  • Bad coordination
  • Slow physical development
  • Delayed speech
  • Learning disorders
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Difficulty in thinking and problem solving
  • Anxiety
  • Tension
  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Social interaction problem
  • Communication difficulty
  • Trouble being comfortable with others
  • Bad impulse control
  • Trouble in social situations
  • Difficulty in task and time management
  • Difficulty in learning social skills
  • Aggression
  • Improper social conduct
  • Impaired face (small eyes, an exceptionally thin upper lip, a small inverted nose, etc.)
  • Problems with staying in school or completing work
  • The problem of staying independent

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Prevention:

  • Do not consume alcohol if you are trying to become pregnant.
  • If you are having sex with your partner on a regular basis and are not using contraceptives, in this case, you may be pregnant. Stay away from alcohol as it can harm your baby even during the first few weeks of an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Do not take alcohol during pregnancy.

Diagnosis Of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum:

  • Based on the symptoms listed above and if alcohol is consumed during pregnancy, if you suspect that your child has fetal alcohol syndrome, get treated directly by your pediatrician.
  • Early treatment will help your doctors understand your child’s symptoms and create a treatment plan specific to your child’s needs.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Treatment:

  • There is no cure or treatment for fetal alcohol syndrome. Physical defects and mental deficiencies usually persist throughout life. However, some things early on can help alleviate some of the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome and prevent some further problems.
  • If you are pregnant and it is difficult for you to stop drinking alcohol, then you need to see your doctor immediately. Your doctor will make sure that your alcohol addiction is cured.
  • See your doctor if you are planning a pregnancy so that your drinking problem can be solved in advance. If you drink alcohol occasionally, stop drinking while pregnant or planning a pregnancy.
  • If you are not using any protection during sex, chances are it may result in an unplanned pregnancy. Try to stay away from alcohol during the years of your child’s birth. Don’t be shy about your drug addiction issues. Share your experiences and difficulties with your doctor. Trust your doctor, follow your medical advice during your pregnancy as the health of the baby depends on it.
  • It is always believed that if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant then you should stop drinking alcohol. It only has a harmful effect on you and your child.

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