How to Increase Eye Power

How to Increase Eye Power

How to Increase Eye Power

How to Increase Eye Power :-

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Of all the sense organs present in our body, eyes are the most precious of them all. Eyes are the organs of our body which detect light and send those signals to the visual areas of the brain.

Everyone wishes to know how to increase eye power. Eyelid exercises, with the help of fat burning exercises will help you a lot in increasing the number of muscles in your eyes. There are many muscles in your eyes and they all work in tandem with each other. Using the fat burning exercise will make sure that the other muscles will be benefited from it.

Eye exercises will help you gain clarity and eliminate slowness. One more benefit of using the fat burning exercise is that it makes sure that your eyes are safe from any kind of damage. The eye muscles play a very important role in your life. To help them recover, you can use these exercises which will help you gain strength. For eye exercises, you can learn a lot from books and tapes on this topic. There are also some eye exercises for eyes that are available online which are quite helpful in increasing eye power.

How to increase eye power is definitely a part of learning to reduce eye sight problems. It is not easy but once you become aware of what is happening to your eyes you will be able to get rid of it. You must keep in mind that your eyes are far away from your body and therefore they cannot feel the pains. However, they are very sensitive and you must keep an eye on them. Try to be conscious of the way you look at things. Taking up some exercises, when you are still very young is an advantage because as you grow older, you will learn the real work and the benefits of it. You will also see that you will get an eye exercise help if you follow a good guide which will help you a lot in becoming proficient in eye exercises.

In today’s world, most of the work is done through computers and electronic gadgets. To work in today’s world, one should have proper eyesight.

Continuously working while sitting in front of computers can have a drastic effect on one’s eyes. As an exercise and proper food can build up the human body, likewise adequate diet and training should be done how to increase eye power naturally.

Having proper food

To increase eyesight naturally, it is essential to have an appropriate diet plan. A healthy diet should be taken to improve eye power.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will keep the eyes from getting damaged and to improve the eyesight.
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of minerals and vitamins which are needed for better vision. Vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, C and E are the best for increasing eye power.

Apart from vitamins and minerals, antioxidants are also essential nutrients to how to increase eye power by natural means.
Foods that improve eyesight

Given below is the list of some foods that can how to increase eye power naturally.

• Green vegetables

Vegetables are a storehouse of minerals and vitamins. Green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, and peas contain Vitamin A, B12, C and calcium which are useful for improving eyesight.

• Garlic

Garlic is excellent when it comes to the matter of eyes. Garlic helps to protect the lens and decreases the possibility of getting any eye disease.Garlic improves the eye condition and protects people from getting cataracts. Apart from increasing the power of the eye, it also reduces cholesterol and increases blood flow leading to a better immune system of the person.

• Eggs

Eggs are full of proteins and these proteins help the lens of the eye and improve the vision of a person.
The protein present in the yolk also helps to prevent any eye disease.

• Carrots

The presence of beta-carotene in carrots makes this one of the best food to increase eye power. Beta-carotene is very useful in protecting the retina of the eye leading to better vision. Apart from that it also protects us from sun damage.

• Fish and Nuts

These two foods are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in the retina are very essential to improve vision.
Apart from that, Omega-3 is known for increasing the power of the brain which in turn leads to the increase of eye power.

• Avocados and Dark Chocolate

The presence of more lutein in avocados makes it one of the best foods for eye. Lutein reduces the chances of cataracts and any eye disease. Dark chocolates have flavonoids which protect the blood vessels that are present in the eye. Healthy blood vessels mean increase flow of blood in the eyes increasing power and better vision.

Taking proper rest

Sitting regularly for an extended period in front of computers can give strain to eyes and can lead to diminishing of eye power. So it is necessary to take breaks while working. Doctors suggest that a person should take at least 10 minutes of break for every one hour of work.

This rest should include getting up from the chair and walking around for a while or just to close the eyes and relax for 10 minutes.

Apart from this one should follow the 10-10-10 rule. This means that a person should look at an object 10 feet away for 10 seconds every 10 minutes the person spends on the computer.

Apart from this, getting eight hours of sleep every day is mandatory to keep the eyes in proper condition.

Doing proper eye exercise

First apply heat on the eyes by rubbing the palms together and then placing them on the eyelids. Hold the hands for near about 10 seconds.

Then start rolling your eyes. At first look upwards, then downwards, then to both the sides and then diagonally. Repeat this ten times. After this roll the eyes clockwise ten times and then anti-clockwise ten times.

Then grab a pen at arm’s length and bring it closer to the eye while focussing on the tip and then move it away from the eye.

After completion, massage the eyes, eyebrows and under the eyes and then relax for some time. Frequent resting of eyes is necessary for the fast increase of eye power naturally.

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