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Thyroid Disease


Thyroid disease is a common problem of the present day, which is seen in most people. According to Down to Earth’s report, 40 million people in India suffer from the disease, with 1 in 10 people suffering from hypothyroidism. So, below get information about Thyroid disease and how to treat it properly.

What Is Thyroid Disease?

In the human body, the thyroid gland is butterfly-shaped, a position on the front of the throat, which produces, stores, and removes hormones in the blood so that those hormones can reach the body’s cells. But when this gland is unable to do its work properly, then that condition is called thyroid disease. Despite this, it is unfortunate that most people are not fully aware of this. This is why they easily fall prey to it. Due to this, the physical capacity of the person decreases considerably and it also becomes the cause of other health problems.


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