4 Mental Exercises to Increase Brain Power

Building muscles and get a fit and healthy body may be our one of the most desired goals, but have you ever think of brain exercises to increase brain power. Fact is that the majority of the population does not understand what an extraordinary effect this brain exercises have on our brain and how enormously it helps to control our brain.

As per a few investigations and inquires about the brain exercises to increase brain power session can help to upgrade our psychological capacities and thus helps to enhance mental concentration. A research on younger people and adolescents discovered that 20 to 50 minutes of activity can give a quick lift to your brain control and can expand fixation levels by enhancing bloodstream to the brain.

Now one can wonder what the ways are, and how one can do mental exercises to increase brain power. For those here is good news as we have 5 mental exercises to increase brain power easily. Here are the ways or methods for you:


Try these below mentioned mental exercises to increase brain power. These exercises will enable you to think sharply, solve any kind of problem quickly, give you better memory, help you to learn fast, and many more. In brief, all, we can say that it will enable you to think like renowned thinkers.


One of the most effective ways of mental exercises to increase brain power effortlessly and effectively is meditation. If you meditate on a regular basis then you will be able to escape a ton of stress. Mental exercise such as meditation is the best way to improve your concentration.

How to Meditate:

  • At first download any meditation music
  • Take a headphone and plug it to the device
  • Play the meditation music and let it bring you to the meditative state
  • Or you can also contact with any meditation institute in your area.

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This way you can improve your brain by realizing both sides of a story or an event. Merely believing every single thing you read on newspaper, or hear from your friend or anyone else. Try to go deep of the incident or event to realize both sides of the event.

How to Argue Convincingly

There are no such steps in case of leaning to argue convincingly. All you can do is not to merely believe everything you hear.

  • When you hear anything try to know both sides of the story.
  • Put yourself in the situation hypothetically.
  • Give a deep thought to the fact to realize both sides.
  • This way you will be able to argue on the news or information convincingly.


Yoga generally practiced worldwide for medical advantages. Yoga is a profound and self-denying discipline that includes specific contemplation systems and exercise poses. Indeed, as indicated by research, the act of yoga helps support memory and can likewise enhance cerebrum essentialness.

How to Do Yoga:

There are much yoga poses for improving brain power. Here are these yoga poses:

  • Shoulder Stand specifically as Sarvangasana
  • Lotus Pose usually known as Padmasana
  • Bridge pose generally known as setubandhasana
  • Mountain pose known as Tadasana

There are many more poses that will help you to improve your brain strength.


Being ambidextrous means being a person who is equally active in the use of both the right and left hand. This process will help you to gain more brain power to control it. Being ambidextrous is all about improving self-control or control over brain.

How to Be Ambidextrous

  • If you are a right-handed person then try to write using your left hand and vice versa.
  • Comb your hair or brush your teeth with your left hand if you are a right-handed person and do it using your right hand if you are a lefty.
  • Try to get ready using the hand you do not use usually to get ready.
  • You can wear your wristwatch on your left hand in case you are a right-handed person or you can wear it on the right hand in case you are a left-handed person.

So, with the help of these ideas, you will be able to do mental exercises to increase brain power effortlessly.

Be mentally healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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