10 Common Symptoms of Vitamin C Deficiency!

Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C increases the body’s resistance to disease. In addition, to protect the collagen of the skin and bones, Vitamin C is useful to keep the teeth and gums healthy. Vitamin C deficiency causes various physical and mental problems including fatigue and irritable mood. The lack of Vitamin C in our body can cause wearisome signs. However, you can prevent Vitamin C deficiency if you add sufficient Vitamin C rich foods to the daily diet plan. Including Vitamin C rich foods can help you improve your overall health instantaneously. Let’s see what are the common signs that indicate vitamin C deficiency in your body-

10 Symptoms That Indicates Vitamin C Deficiency:

Vitamin C Deficiency1 Vitamin C deficiency can occur in the body due to various reasons including lack of nutrition, wrong eating habits, uncontrolled lifestyle. Doctors say that if there is a deficiency of vitamin C in the body, it may not be understood immediately. Symptoms may appear after a long time. So, let’s now check out these 10 common symptoms, you may be missing vitamin C…

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