Rich Vitamin E Foods For Hair Growth And Thickness

vitamin E foods for hair

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The use of Vitamin E has increased quite a lot nowadays. Vitamin E is consist of strong antioxidant that helps to regenerate your beauty and health. Vitamin E is very much beneficial to reduce many hair problems. If you are suffering from hair loss problem, then there is a need to focus on vitamin E foods for hair.

With the help of nutritious vitamin E foods for hair, the problem of hair loss can be overcome. Read here about these foods that you can prevent from falling hair. Vitamin E improves blood circulation, controls blood sugar, keeps the heart healthy, helps prevent brain damage and protects against certain cancers.

Benefits Of Vitamin E For Hair:

Vitamin E’s chemical name is alpha-tocopherol. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that works in the health and beauty benefits, such as hair loss, dryness of hair, and provides an incredible brightness in your hair. Vitamin E oil and supplements have gained great popularity as the best product in hair service. So let’s know, how does Vitamin E make the hair so good.

Hair Condition

Hair Condition:

Vitamin E has strong remedial properties. Which tightens the hair and sticks the moisture at the beginning of the hair. With regular use, your hair is strong, smooth, and shiny by dealing with the dryness of Vitamin E Scalp.

Unhealthy hair can be due to this vitamin deficiency. However, there is good news that there are many instances of Vitamin E present in your diet that you can easily fill the deficiency of Vitamin E.

Makes Hair Soft

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Makes Hair Soft:

Vitamin E helps to make hair soft. Regular consumption of vitamin E makes your hair soft and shiny. This is one of the benefits of vitamin E for hair.

Prevent Hair Greying

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Prevent Hair Greying:

Vitamin E is an important element for hair health. Vitamin-E helps to prevent greying of hair. This is one of the benefits of vitamin E for hair.

Makes Hair Thick

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Makes Hair Thick:

Another Vitamin E benefit is vitamin E helps to make hair thick and long. The properties present in vitamin E helps to reduce hair fall and helps to grow new hair and makes hair thick.

Helps To Grow New Hair

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Helps To Grow New Hair:

Vitamin E helps to grow new hair. Growing new hair is another benefit of vitamin E.

Increases Blood Circulation

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Increases Blood Circulation:

Vitamin E helps to increase blood circulation in the scalp that helps to grow hair long and shiny.

Reduce Split Ends

Source: https://frontrow . co . za/blogs/frontrow-hair-blog/5-tips-to-avoid-split-ends-and-hair-breakage-save-your-gorgeous-looks

Reduce Split Ends:

Vitamin E helps to reduce split ends. Vitamin E gives all the nutrition hair needs and reduces split ends.

Vitamin E Foods For Hair:

Every day hundreds of hair fall out of the human head. There are many reasons behind hair fall. Such anxiety, insomnia, hormonal problems, dirtiness etc. Another reason for hair fall and that is the lack of proper nutrients. So, let’s see which are the vitamin E foods for hair. See those below.

Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower Seeds:

Vitamin ‘E’ is available in large quantities in sunflower seeds. Every 100 g of sunflower seeds contains 36.6 milligrams of Vitamin ‘E’. Oil made from sunflower seeds is used in salad, soup or garnish. It is also used in cooking because there is no cholesterol. Sunflower seed is another great vitamin E foods for hair.


Source: https://recipes.howstuffworks . com/why-pistachios-are-sold-in-their-shells.htm


Pistachio is a great source of Vitamin E. There is 9.33 mg vitamin E per 100 grams of pistachios. Pistachio is another great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Daily consumption of capsicum can help you make your hair healthy and strong. Sweet Papers is a better source of vitamin C, which is essential for the development of hair. In fact, Vitamin C helps to strengthen the hair strands with the promotion of collagen. It is also a strong antioxidant that protects the hair strands against oxidative stress. Let sweet packers also have a better source of vitamin E, which is helpful in boosting hair growth by stimulating the production of symbiotic. Apart from this, Vitamin A also helps you keep hair healthy. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.

Masur Dal

Masur Dal:

Tofu, Soybean, Starchy Beans and Peas are important sources of Iron-rich protein for vegetarians. All these substances are very important for hair growth. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.

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The spinach is also essential for hair health, with the body healthy. In spinach, rich in iron and vitamin E. Please tell that the sebum is an oily substance that helps to keep the hair healthy, to help alleviate the scalp. According to experts, if you want to keep your hair healthy then take 30 grams of spinach a day. By consuming spinach, your body can complete 54 percent vitamin E deficiency. Keep in mind that if there is a shortage of vitamin A and iron in the body then you may get infected with hair loss. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.

Sweet potato

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Sweet potato:

If you want to strengthen your hair, consuming sweet potato daily will prove to be very beneficial for you. Sweet potato is a good source of beta carotene. The body converts beta carotene into vitamin E, making your hair healthy and shiny. According to experts, in 114 grams sweet potato, you get four times more beta carotene than your daily vitamin E needs. If you want, you can eat sweet roast or roast for healthy hair. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Berries are one of the vitamin E foods for hair. There are many essential properties to keep your hair healthy even in the barrels. Actually, the amount of antioxidants and vitamins in barrels is high. These antioxidants help in protecting the hair from the molecules that damage the hair, which protects our hair, while the hair remains healthy for a long time. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Avocado is one of the vitamin E rich foods for hair. If you want good health of hair, then avocado should be consumed daily. Avocado is a good source of essential fatty acids. If there is a lack of fatty acids in your hair, then it causes hair loss. Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in avocado make healthier by improving your hair health. According to experts, 200 grams of Avocado daily provides 21 percent of your daily vitamin E’s requirement. Vitamin E, like Vitamin C, is an antioxidant that helps in tackling oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals. Vitamin E. Scalp with hair protects against oxidative stress, causing our hair to become hard, beautiful, dense, long and healthy. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Almonds and walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that help to make hair thick. Apart from this, there is gink in it which prevents hair from falling. Vitamin E found in it also protects your hair from falling and also strengthens the root. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Vitamin C content in tomatoes helps prevent hair loss. Vitamin E helps repair tissues and cells. Vitamin e also contains antioxidant properties that cancel the harmful effects of free radicals which can make your hair weak. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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Keratin is very important for hair. Peas and pulses are rich in this protein. For strong hair, you can eat peas and peas regularly. It will increase the hair as well, so the hair will be healthy and shiny. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.


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It is important to keep a very rich Vitamin-rich carrot in regular diet. A great beneficial carrot in hair growth. The vitiligo of the carrot helps in the production of an oily chemical called ‘Sibam’ on the skin of the head. It is beneficial to prevent headache dry with the scalp. You can keep the carrots in the morning and evening cooked nuts as much as eating raw carrots. This is one of the great vitamin E foods for hair.

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