Teeth Cleaning Cost, Procedure, Pros & Cons: Know In Details

teeth cleaning cost

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Do you hesitate to laugh in front of the people and go to the party? Do you have yellow stains on your teeth? Or black spots in between the teeth that prevent you from interacting freely, then let the color of your teeth not cause the reason for losing your confidence. Know in details about the teeth cleaning process, teeth cleaning cost and all the other related details about it.

What Is Teeth Cleaning?

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Dental scaling is a treatment process for tooth problems like plaque, tooth decay and to remove stains. Ultrasound tool can also be used under this process. This treatment is used for dental stains, which are not removed while brushing the teeth regularly.

If a person is suffering from gum disease, then he is treated through a root canal and scaling. Root cleaning and scaling are used to clean gums and teeth deeply. Common dental treatment such as teeth cleaning and scaling can help make mouth healthy. And the teeth cleaning cost i.e. the cost of scaling is very low.


Cleaning and polishing of teeth is a completely painless process and can be done easily.

What Is The Procedure Of Teeth Cleaning Or Scaling?

Dental scaling involves careful removal of plaque bacteria from the surface of the tooth right below the gum line. There are two basic methods for teeth scaling.

  1. Handheld Instruments
  2. Ultrasonic Device

Handheld Instrument:

If your dentist uses handheld instruments, he will clean the scrape plaque by using a tooth scalar and metal device used as a treatment. The dentist also clears the parts of your dentine that your toothbrush can not reach.

Ultrasonic Device:

Alternatively, your dentist can use an ultrasonic device for scaling your teeth. It has a vibrating metal tip which is combined with a cold water spray. The use of ultrasonic device in the cleaning and polishing of teeth has many advantages. Some of which are as follows:

  • Saving time by using new techniques is one of the many important benefits because using them requires less time in cleaning the teeth. However in this case the teeth cleaning cost is a little high.
  • The latest equipment has been designed in such a way that every corner of your teeth is cleaned completely, which means clean and healthy teeth.
  • Less pain or discomfort while cleaning or polishing teeth
  • It gives a radiant glow
  • Bacteria reduce the risk of infection by coagulation and keep the teeth healthy.


The teeth cleaning cost is little too high if you go for the ultrasonic device for scaling your teeth rather than handheld instruments.

What Is Root Planning?

Dental scaling usually happens after the procedure known as root planning. Root planning reaches the depth of the surface of the tooth root. It is done in a similar manner to scaling. Root planning softens the surface of the tooth so that the gums can be properly reconnected.

How Much Time Required For Teeth Cleaning?

Polishing and cleaning of teeth are done completely at once. However, for counseling and cleaning, you need to go to the dentist once. Cleaning and polishing take place within a few hours, in some cases, dentists may need some additional time.

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What To Do And What To Avoid After Teeth Cleaning Or Scaling?

Brushing teeth and cleaning is a simple process. But it is important to take care of some things:

What To Do:

Brush the teeth properly

Flush your teeth twice a day

Follow healthy oral habits

What Not To Do:

Avoid eating foods that can cause stains

Do not drink water just after having sour food

Do not eat hot meal just after completing scaling


Stop smoking for a few days after passing through the teeth scaling process or scaling teeth.

Be careful while consuming ingredients in gums such as popcorn, nuts, and chips.

Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning Or Scaling

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Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning Or Scaling:

  • You will be able to get rid of the bad breath
  • Teeth scaling prevents gum diseases
  • Prevents cavity
  • Teeth scaling provides you a healthy mouth
  • You will feel confident after you get your beautiful smile back and feel free to talk to people around you.

What Are The Side Effects Of Teeth Cleaning Or Scaling?

  • It can loosen the teeth
  • It can affect heart problem and diabetic
  • May produce gingivitis
  • Can bring periodontal diseases

Teeth Cleaning Cost:

The teeth cleaning cost is different depending on the different location and dental therapist facilities.

Regular polishing & cleaning INR 1000/-

For Regular air polishing & cleaning INR 3000/-

For stain removal INR 3500/-

For deep cleaning & polishing INR 4500/-

For deep polishing, cleaning & laser application INR 6500/-

For deep polishing, cleaning & flap surgery INR 10000/-


In India, its minimum value can be around INR 1000 / – and not more than INR 10000 / -. This price can also be changed depending on the different location and method.



Q. How Much Does It Cost To Get A Deep Cleaning At The Dentist?

A. The cost of teeth cleaning and polishing in Delhi-NCR is not very high. The whole process is completed at the price of INR 2000-3000. However, to know the true cost, you need to consult a dentist and get your teeth examined. To know more about this read here more…

Q. How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

A. Teeth polishing and cleaning is a simple process. There is no need to clean and polish teeth at regular intervals. It has to go only when necessary. To know more about this read here more…

Q. How Long Do Teeth Cleaning Take?

A. Tooth polishing and cleaning are completely done in one go. However, you need to go to the dentist once for consultation and cleaning. Cleaning and polishing are done within a few hours while in some cases, the dentist may require a little extra time. To know more about this read here more.

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