30 Minutes Workout For A Better Health And Body

30 minutes workout at home


If you are hesitant to go to the gym and build a body and because of lack of time, you are thinking of making a body at home, then it is possible. Most people start going to the gym initially, but after a few days, they stop going to the gym due to fatigue and busy schedule. Not only this, but some people also shy away from lack of money and time or lifting heavyweight. So, here I am telling you how you can build a gym-like body at 30 minutes workout at home.

30 Minutes Workout At Home


30 Minutes Workout At Home:

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Today I will tell you some 30 minutes workout at home that can be done in the morning or in the evening to get a strong body. In 30 minutes, you have to do 6 exercises which both men and women can do. For good fitness, you have to adopt these essential steps. See, these below…




Pushup alone is an exercise that builds both upper body and core strength. These exercises work on the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. If done properly, they can strengthen the lower back and core by stretching the abdominal muscles. Pushups are a fast and effective exercise to increase physical strength. This exercise can be done anywhere and does not require any equipment to do it. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • To do push-ups exercises, you lay an exercise mat on the floor and sit on your knees and keep both of your legs behind.
  • Keep both your hands facing forward and then keep them on the ground at a distance equal to your shoulder width.
  • Now lean forward and put bodyweight on your hands.
  • Knees of both feet above the floor and feet straight.
  • Straighten both hands completely and keep the toes on the floor. In this position, your entire body will be in a straight line.
  • Now slowly bend your hands with the elbow and try to bring the upper part of the body ie the torso down towards the ground.
  • Continue lowering yourself until your chest or chin touches the ground.
  • After coming down, you straighten both your hands and lift yourself from the ground to the maximum height. Now you will be at the top of the pushup position.
  • This whole action going up and down is a pushup. Repeat this again and again.
  • Do not push exercises initially more than 10 times and gradually increase the number.




The squat is an exercise that you can do anytime anywhere in the house. This will not only relieve your body, but you will also feel stress free. So let’s know how to squat, the advantages of squat and the easy way to do squats. The squat exercise is called a fat burner. This is because through this you can reduce body fat fast. This increases your metabolic rate and reduces fat easily. See below how to do this. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • This is an exercise that you can do anywhere in the house anytime.
  • For this, you will first have to keep both your hands open in front of you and stand up straight and pull the chest slightly outwards.
  • Now slowly bend your knees and sit as if you are sitting in a chair. Keep your knees equal to the feet.
  • Now bend down slowly and bend until your thighs are equal to the ground. Keep the body very tight.
  • Now start these sit-ups here. Exhale while coming up.
  • You can do this for 10 minutes.
  • Initially do 10 squats and then slowly move up to 12-15.




Plank is a bodyweight exercise and it is very beneficial to exercise planks to stay fit. Planck exercises are very beneficial for reducing belly fat and excess fat deposited on the hips. Planks are also necessary to make six pack abs. You can use Planck Exercise to keep the stomach and waist in good shape. Planking makes the muscles of the stomach strong and increases the working power of the body. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • To perform Planck exercises, bend your knees and sit on the ground and both palms rest on the floor.
  • Keep in mind that the shoulders and palms are in the same line, keep the elbows tight and keep the weight of the body on the fingers of the feet.
  • Stay in this position for 5-6 minutes.
  • Planks can do exercises in many ways like full planks, elbow planks, half planks, etc.

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Lunge exercise is very beneficial for the feet. This exercise works in the lower part of your body. Lunge exercise is considered good for the overall body workout. Lunge exercises are beneficial for increasing your core strength and increasing flexibility in your body. You can incorporate lunge exercises into your regular routine for your complete physical workouts. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • To do a lunge exercise, you first stand up straight on the floor, keep both of your feet at the width of the hips and keep the arms straight downward.
  • Now keep your right foot one step forward and bend it with your knees.
  • Keep your thigh parallel to the floor and make a 90 degree angle to the right leg knee.
  • Place the knee of the left foot on the floor and make a 90-degree angle between the left thigh and the calf on the knee.
  • Now bring your right leg back again and straighten your left leg.
  • In this way, you will come to your initial position.
  • Now again, keep your left foot one step forward and do the same action with your other leg, which was done with your right foot.
  • Make sure that your feet are in a straight line so that you do not have difficulty in doing forward lunge exercises and balance.




Crunch exercise is considered to be great for reducing your stomach and six packs abs. Crunch exercise is the cornerstone of all exercises. You can add it to your regular routine for a core strength workout or a total body workout. If you are looking for a way to strengthen your abdominal muscles, Crunches are an easy and effective option. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • To perform crunches exercise, you first lay an exercise mat on the floor and lie down on it.
  • Now bend both your legs from knees and keep them straight on the floor.
  • Then, fold your hands and place the palms behind the head, this helps your head.
  • While exhaling, raise your shoulders up to 1-2 inches off the floor and keep your neck completely straight. Take care not to elevate your torso to a greater height.
  • Now taking your breath in, again keep the head and shoulders down on the floor.
  • You can do crunch exercises two to three times in 15-20 reps.




Pull-up is a type of exercise that is beneficial for our entire body. Pull-up exercise is a great body workout for our bodies. You do not need to do any more exercises after doing pull-ups exercises. This exercise keeps your body fit and works on your hands, shoulders, biceps and wee shape. Pull-up exercises are considered a bodyweight lift exercise. This is one of the exercises to add in your 30 minutes workout at home.

  • To do Pull-ups, you first stand under a pull-up road.
  • Raise both your hands up and grab the pull-up road at a distance of shoulder width.
  • Keep both your hands completely straight and you can keep the legs straight or you can bend from the knees.
  • Now, with emphasis on both your hands, lift the whole body up and bend your hands with elbows.
  • You lift your body slowly until your chin is above the bandage.
  • Now straighten both hands to lower your body and hang freely.
  • This is one of the pull-ups exercises you try to do at least 10 times.

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