5 Types of Medical Marijuana for Pain Relief have a look

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Among all aliments and pain, chronic pain can be the most uncomfortable one. It is one of the many reasons that patients seek out for medical marijuana these days.

If you suffer from chronic pain, marijuana can be a very effective drug to help you deal with it. The medical benefits of medical marijuana are being explored more. In the short term, it is great to alleviate pain and discomfort. In the long term, medical marijuana can allow a patient to live life as well as possible with pain relief. They find that the drug helps them cope with everyday daily stressors like doctors appointments and even dates with their significant other. Medical marijuana also helps patients get back to their jobs, which means they are not spending all of their time taking care of themselves.

But it’s important to be aware that using medical marijuana to get rid of chronic pain or injuries while recreational use is still a federal crime. This is because many people think that marijuana is less harmful than other illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine. Marijuana addiction is much more serious than other hard drugs because it remains in the body for a much longer period of time. People who use marijuana heavily often find that the drug causes a variety of physical problems including insomnia, nausea, abdominal cramps, stomach pain, diarrhea, and bleeding. In some cases, these physical symptoms are so severe that the person may have to visit the emergency room. Some people have also developed depression and anxiety because of long-term marijuana use. Some even commit suicide because of the negative effects of marijuana.

Marijuana also has long-term health effects. It affects your heart rate, your ability to relax, your respiratory system, and your ability to be healthy overall. Marijuana users also have lower levels of HDL cholesterol, which is a good form of cholesterol. They tend to have high blood pressure, more body fat, and more calories in their bodies. Lastly, marijuana users often have difficulty with concentration and memory and are also more likely to have a substance abuse problem.

Whether it is inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, spinal injury, fibromyalgia or cramps, medical marijuana can do wonders.
But there are certain health conditions which demands you to get certified before using cannabis products. There are various online platforms you can choose to get your MMJ card from. Moreover, if you are a California resident then Medical marijuana card California would be the right option for you.

How does medical marijuana help?

According to a report of NASEM, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabinoid compounds that come from the cannabis plant, are very effective for treatment of pain.

This happens due to the natural cannabinoid receptors present in our body that play a role in pain control.

Different types of medical marijuana strains

There are dozens of medical marijuana strains that are available in the market. So it is important for the patient to choose the right kind of strain which would be effective for the pain.

Here are the top 5 medical marijuana strains which are considered the best worldwide.

  1. White Widow

White Widow is a hybrid medical marijuana strain which is derived from two different strains− South Indian Indica and South American, which is a Sativa strain.

This medical marijuana strain acts as an excellent pain reliever uplifting the patient’s mood and gives him energy as well as a euphoric feeling.

It is used for the treatment of stress, depression and lack of appetite. Due to its ability to leave the patient in a state of euphoria, it is often used for the treatment of mental illness.

  1. Blue Dream

The name of this medical marijuana strain has come from its taste of fruity flavour which is similar to that of a blueberry. Smokers enjoy the taste of it.

This medical marijuana strain is a hybrid cross between the Sativa Haze and Blueberry Indica.

The THC content present in the Blue Dream falls in the range of 17-24% while CBD content ranges from 0.1-0.2%.

Blue Dream is a significant reliever of pain and is used for the treatment of depression and stress relief.

  1. Bubba Kush

This medical marijuana strain is derived from the land of Hindu Kush and this unique strain offers smokers an earthy flavour.

As it is based on Indica, apart from relieving pain, it provides relaxation and an effect of sleepiness to those who enjoy it.

This medical marijuana strain has a THC content ranging in between 14-22% and the content of CBD ranges from 0.6-1%.

It is considered as an alternative to sleeping aids, such as valium, and is considered as the marijuana sleeping pill.

It is very effecting in treating insomnia and does wonders during bedtime relieving the smoker of stress and depression.

  1. AK−47

This has nothing to do with the rifle of the very same name. This marijuana strain is a mixture of different strains which includes South American, Mexican, Thai Sativa strains and Afghani Indica strain.

This medical marijuana strain is not only effective in relieving pain. But it also eliminates any kind of stress and manages the level of depression.

As this is a Sativa dominant strain, it is an excellent provider of upliftment of energy. So it would be very wise not to smoke this before going to sleep.

  1. Jack Herer

This medical marijuana strain is named after the cannabis activist, Jack Herer, himself. And like the activist, this cannabis strain is also very effective.

This strain is made by the crossing of other strains such as Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights and a Haze Hybrid.

The THC content of this medical strain falls between 18-23%. While the CBD content ranges between 0.03-0.2%.

This powerful medical marijuana strain, with the benefits of Sativa, helps in the treatment of depression, lack of appetite and fatigue in addition to the removal of pain.

How to consume these medical marijuana strains

The consumption of these strains depends totally on personal preference. While one would prefer to turn these strains into blunt cones or joints, while another would prefer taking the hit from a bong.

Apart from these, the other ways to enjoy the consumption of medical marijuana are as follows−

  • Dabbing− This is a flash-vaporization technique which includes inhaling the vapours of butane hash oil (BHO) which gives an intense high feeling.
  • Vaporizers− Consumption through a vaporizer with as much as 80% THC would act as a pain reliever without causing any harm to the lungs.
  • Edibles− The marijuana can also be consumed as a weed brownie or cookie. A few drops of Cannabis oil can also be used while cooking.

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