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Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world and is the mother of all Indian languages. ‘Sanskrit’ literally means ‘perfect language’. Before Sanskrit, the world was divided into small, broken dialects, which had no grammar and had no language fund. Some dialects developed themselves by taking words from Sanskrit and they also became a language. So, it can be said that Sanskrit is the world first language.

According to the researchers, Devanagari or Sanskrit are the mother of all the scripts such as Bengali script, Oriya script, Gujarati script, Gurumukhi, Tamil script, Malayalam script, Sinhal script, Kannada script, Telugu script, Tibetan script, Ranjana, prevailing Nepal, Bhunjimol, Korean, Thai, Burmelli, Lao, Khmer Brahmi script, Javanese, Khudabadi script, Greek script etc. So, this makes the fact clear that Sanskrit is indeed the world first language.

Which One Is Really The World First Language


Which One Is Really The World First Language?

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Some people say that the Chinese language is the world first language as the Chinese script is more than 5,000 years old. The cuneiform script was prevalent 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. Similarly, the Indian script is also said about Brahmi.

In Jain mythology, it is described that Rishabhdev, the first pilgrim who brought civilization to humanity, had a daughter named Brahmi and it is said that he did not search for the article. This is the reason that he connects with Goddess Saraswati of knowledge.

In Hinduism, Saraswati is also called Sharda, which is related to Brahmi script that is more than 1500 years old. Brahmi script has been carved on some artifacts found in nearby areas of Kottayam Nadu near Kaladi in Ernakulam district of Kerala, which is neolithic.

This discovery lays light on the existence of a megalithic and neolithic culture in the area. These stone-made items were studied by the University Grants Commission’s Scientific and Archaeologist Dr. P. Rajendran of the History Department of the University of Kerala.

These objects are part of the collection of Andthi Ali of Meccadani in the Ernakulam district. Rajendran said that I studied the vast reservoir of artificial objects stored in Ali by the side of Kothan in Kaladi.

These items also contain objects related to Neolithic and Megalithic. He said that after studying the Neolithic axes it was found that the inscribed script on 3 of the 18 axes is Brahmi or Sanskrit script. So, the Sanskrit language came from that Neolithic era.

This made the fact clear the Sanskrit language is older than the Chinese language.

Sanskrit is The World First Language Or The Oldest


Sanskrit is The World First Language Or The Oldest:

Sanskrit is mentioned in Indian history books, it is believed that its use is being used for thousands of years. As it would have been read by all that there are two intents from the old language. One such language was that but it is not today and the oldest in today’s living languages.

They also studied in Sanskrit abroad, but their claims did not bring concrete results. If you look at the scripts, then the old ones can also be mentioned, but at present, the oldest language in the currency is anybody, then it is Sanskrit.

Students learn Sanskrit verses, greetings, and cultures in many major universities of India. There is also centuries-old handwriting of Sanskrit in national museums. Prime Minister Modi has mentioned this in the US during his recent visit. So, national-like people also consider the importance of Sanskrit.

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Scripts Written in Sanskrit, Brahmi & Devanagari


Scripts Written in Sanskrit, Brahmi & Devanagari:

The practice of writing languages ​​in scripts started in India. From India, it was learned by Sumerian, Babylonian and Greeks. In ancient times, the practice of Brahmi and Devanagari script was prevalent. Brahmi and Devanagari scripts have created other scripts from around the world.

Brahmi script is an ancient script that has developed many Asian scripts. The great emperor Ashoka named the Brahmi script as Dhammalipi. Brahmi script, also considered as ancient from the Devanagari script. It is said that it is a script derived from the ancient Indus-Saraswati script.


The people of Harappa culture had scripts written in the Sanskrit language. So, it shows that Sanskrit even exited in Harappa culture.

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