Tooth Implant Cost, Types And Procedure: Know In Details

Tooth Implant Cost

We all know that our teeth play an incomparable role in bringing smiles to our faces. Who does not desire a beautiful smile? More or less every one wishes to possess a beautiful smile and knows the value too. But due to some circumstances like a cavity, gum disease, accident, deterioration of the tooth, or moving of teeth, etc. we try to avoid smiling so that nobody should pay attention to our teeth. However, instead of avoiding smiling you can implant your tooth as the tooth implant cost is not so high.

Continue reading this article to learn about tooth implant cost, procedure, and types of tooth implantation. Basically, you will get to know all details regarding tooth implant cost, procedure, types, how to take care, etc. in this article below:

Tooth Implantation or Fake Tooth

What Is Tooth Implantation or Fake Tooth?

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Tooth implants mean implanting a fake tooth that is carefully prepared by a dentist to fill the vacant place in the mouth after losing your natural teeth. These teeth appear like your natural teeth as in shape, type, and color.

Due to a fallen tooth the muscles of the face that were initially supported by this tooth, become ugly and wrinkles on your face start to appear. Therefore, changing your fallen teeth from artificial or fake teeth i.e. tooth implant is very important.

Procedure Of Tooth Implantation

The Procedure Of Tooth Implantation:

Before starting the process, questions related to your physical and dental health history can be asked. The dentist may ask for any medical condition that can affect or obstruct the consequences of the treatment of the tooth implant.

These include the current condition of your gums, your natural teeth, the jaw bone, the stability of the teeth to be treated, how much of the mouth opens, any jaw joints, the position of the muscles of your face, your Any previous dental treatment, condition of root canal treatment of bad teeth, no infection in the body or mouth etc.

Dentists can also take a detailed examination of the external and internal aspects of your mouth. After this, they will explain to you the best option and the reasons for choosing it.


According to the need for expertise in the process of fabrication of fake teeth, either a general dentist or Prosthetists (a dentist who specializes in the transplant of fake teeth) is treated.

The Procedure of tooth implant is as follows:

Your dentist will at first prepare many replicas of your tooth with the right measure of the jaw depending on how many jaws will be connected to each other and how much space he has to leave between them.

These replicas are generally made of wax or plastic to measure the exact size and position of your tooth. You can apply this model several times to see whether it is made right or not and its color, size, and fitting are well assessed before preparing the final denture.

Finally, a denture will be made according to the model made of wax or plastic

In the final stage, the dentist will adjust the fake tooth according to the requirement. This can be either fixed or removable depending on the patient’s choice.


However, there are several advantages and disadvantages appear after completion of the tooth implant.

Benefits Of Tooth Implant

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth Implant?

There are many benefits to having tooth implanted, which are as follows:

  1. Tooth implants also protect against jawbone damage
  2. False teeth make your face look like before and improve the beauty of the face
  3. This improves the appearance of your teeth and shows them in bright and good shape
  4. The tooth implantation restores the old strength of your teeth and they look like your natural teeth
  5. After simulating the tooth, it becomes easy to chew the food and you will be able to talk in a better way


With the help of tooth implantation, the person’s self-esteem level also improves and consequently, confidence grows.

Disadvantages Of Tooth Implant

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tooth Implant?

Tooth implant also has some disadvantages, which are the as follows:

  1. Initially, you may have to face adversity in adjusting them in your mouth. Due to these, there may be problems like shaking the mouth, getting more saliva, and continuous moving of the tongue.
  2. Fake tooth made of some porcelain harm the natural teeth that are just beside them
  3. False teeth gradually weaken your jaw bones; eventually, they become loose and worsen with time
  4. Removable teeth keep on moving in the mouth and can come out of the mouth or fall when coughing, talking and laughing. You may also face embarrassment in public places.
  5. Removable tooth loses with the passage of time and according to the change in the condition of your jaw bones and soft tissues, it needs to be reproduced.
  6. Fixed dentures cost or the tooth implant costs are too high
  7. You may be allergic to the material used in the fake teeth. It can cause problems in the soft tissue of your mouth if this happens your dentist may suggest you not to use it for a while
  8. If the fake tooth gets fit, it can put pressure on the muscles of your face or cause it to become bad
  9. Your face’s shape can be changed due to tooth implantation. It can become either small or long, and your jaw joints may pain.


Everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages, so tooth implantation is not exceptional. It too comes with some disadvantages.

Tooth Implant Cost

Tooth Implant Cost:

The tooth implant cost is quite different depending on different factors. Let’s check out the factors before knowing the tooth implant cost.

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