Current Health News: Delhi Pollution’s Impact on Health

In the modern age, science has provided many benefits to humans, they are not less than a boon. Similarly, human beings face many curses. Air pollution is one such curse born from economic and industrial development. This is one of the current health news today. Living in modern Indian cities at present has become harmful to health. In the reputed health journal ‘Lancet’, published from the US, was given a study in June last year. According to this study, the increase in PM 2.5 particles in the environment is related to the increasing incidence of diabetes.

Health Problems of Pollution
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Health Problems of Pollution :

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Of the 25 most polluted cities in the world, 13 are in India. For example, Delhi is twice as big as Beijing and ten times more polluted than in London. This rising air pollution is one of the current health news today, that is causing an increase in lung problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia.

Many other serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and kidney problems are also related to some extent air pollution. According to the new study, one cause of diabetes is associated with air pollution. In India, there has been an increase of about 10-fold in the cases of diabetes in the last four decades. Compared to rural areas, more people have been affected than this merger in urban areas.

How does this problem grow
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How does this problem grow

It is very important to know how air pollution increases the risk of diabetes as it is one of the current health news today. Small particle substance (PM 2.5) enters our blood through the lungs to produce inflammation, resulting in insulin resistance (insulin resistance) condition. Because of this, insulin production may also decrease in the body. It is clear that air pollution can indirectly affect diabetes.

Due to the polluted environment often obstacles arise in the person’s external activities and exercise. Often people shy away from going out or doing exercise. Exercise is possible to increase the complications arising from diabetes. Tension resulting from living in a polluted environment can also increase the risk of diabetes. One of the main ways of dealing with pollution is to reduce the use of vehicles such as cars. The main emitters of PM 2.5 particles from the car get out. Limiting the car’s usage will motivate people to walk and cycle.

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Impact of PM particles

To measure air quality or external air pollution, the annual average level of PM 10 and PM 2.5 particles present in the environment is extracted. PM10 means that particle smaller than 10 microns and PM 2.5 means that particles smaller than 2.5 microns, which are approximately 25 to 100 times thinner than a human hair. As the particles present in the environment cross the upper limit of 12 micrograms, in this situation 24 percent of people are susceptible to diabetes.

It has been estimated that 14 percent (about 32 million) cases of all new cases of diabetes worldwide can be related to air pollution in one year. With this problem, developing countries suffering from air pollution like India are most affected. Last year, the average level of PM 2.5 particles in Delhi was above 200 microgram, which was about 20 times more than the acceptable limit. This study, published in Lancet, also shows the likelihood that reducing pollution reduces the rate of spread of diabetes across the country. That’s why Delhi Pollution is the current health news.

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About exercise
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About exercise

A study from the University of Cambridge has shown that exercising or cycling has many positive effects on health. Their benefits are more than the negative effects of pollution as it is the current health news. Therefore do not quit exercising in most of the year, but while exercise, it is compulsory to take care of some things. Just like exercising in such a place where there are trees and plants. For this, you can use the park around your home.

Delhi pollution is the current health news exercise or walking should be avoided in a lot of traffic space. In the winter-when pollution is at the extreme limit-during that time the use of masks will be beneficial. It would be better to not exercise or walk outside in the morning during the winter. In the middle of the day when pollution is somewhat less-exercise can be done, but due to the busy lifestyles of the most metropolis, this is not possible. In such a situation, exercising inside the house, such as a treadmill or stationary cycle, can be used. In addition, yoga exercises like Anloam vilom are also beneficial.

Increase nutritious diet with resistance
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Increase nutritious diet with resistance

To save itself from the side effects of pollution, it is also imperative to take care of some food-related things besides exercise …

  • It is important to include as many nutritious elements as possible in the food. That’s because these nourishing elements give the body the power to fight the troubles produced by pollution.
  • It is necessary to include such foods regularly in the food, which contain abundant quantities of natural antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene.
  • Give more green leafy vegetables and colorful vegetables to your diet.
  • Insert the fruit regularly and in the correct amount to your diet. Vitamin C can eat fruits like amla, guava, lemon, seasonal, orange etc. in their diet.
  • It is beneficial to include foods like healthy foods such as walnuts, almonds, canola oils, olive oils, linseed and fenugreek seeds in some quantities.
  • Instead of refined grains, consuming whole grains, pulses, gram, chickpeas etc. gives more nutrients.
  • Prioritize seasonal fruits in your diet.
  • Drinking fruit soup is also beneficial.

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