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Decreasing the number of RBCs or decreasing the amount of hemoglobin carrying oxygen in the blood is commonly called anemia or anemia. Anemia or anemia is a situation where there are not enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the tissues. In this article, we will get to know about some anemia foods to avoid.

Anemia is not a major disease, any major disease can start from this. Therefore, anemia should be given importance from the beginning.


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Often no signs of anemia are seen. However, some common symptoms of anemia are:

  • Feeling tired.
  • Weakness.
  • Holocaust on pale face or skin.
  • Irregular heart rate.
  • Breathing Problems.
  • Dizziness.
  • Chest pain.
  • Hands and feet become cold.
  • Headaches.

Normal Hemoglobin Level

Female: 12.1 to 15.1 g / deciliter.

Male: 13.8 to 17.2 g / deciliter.

Children: 11 to 16 g / deciliter.

Anemia Foods To Avoid

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Anemia Foods To Avoid

In general, worst foods for anemia patients often include tannins, which are substances found in a variety of plant-based foods. They give foods an astringent taste. You could find tannins in green, black and rooibos tea, grapes, coffee, sorghum, corn, and wine. In addition to tannins, you should also avoid foods with gluten because eating such foods will damage the intestinal wall, thereby preventing nutrients like iron and folate from being absorbed. In details, here are some anemia foods to avoid to control your condition.

Soy Proteins

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1. Soy Proteins:

This is the last one yet still very important worst foods for anemia that people should know to avoid and stop eating these foods right from today to be free from the anemia condition.

Whilst people may argue that soy is high in iron, non-fermented soy is also high in phytic acid that might interfere with the iron absorption as well as other nutrients. On the other hand, the fermented soy products such as soy sauce could increase the ability to absorb iron. Thus, some health sources recommend eating tofu for defeating anemia as they phytic acid in tofu does not entirely block the absorption of iron. Hence, you can still get some iron from eating soy. If you choose tofu for iron-deficiency, you should eat it with lots of vitamin C for the best effect. This is one of the anemia foods to avoid.


2. Gluten:

Foods rich in gluten should be avoided by people suffering from anemia as it may worsen the condition. Gluten, in some people, damages the intestinal wall preventing absorption of iron and folic acid, both of which are required for the production of red blood cells (RBCs). Gluten is mainly found in pasta, wheat products, barley, rye and oats.

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3. Phytate:

Phytates usually bind with the iron present in the digestive tract thereby preventing its absorption. Therefore, people with iron-deficiency anemia are advised to avoid foods containing phytates or phytic acids like legumes, brown rice, whole-grain wheat, and nuts. This is one of the anemia foods to avoid.

4. Oxalic :

In some cases, foods containing oxalic acid are known to interfere with the absorption of iron. Due to this, people with anemia are advised to consume these foods in limited quantities and if possible stay away from them during the course of medication. Foods containing oxalic acid are peanuts, spinach, parsley (ajwain) and chocolates.

Red Wine

5. Red Wine:

In red wine, the reservation which helps in fighting cancer and heart disease may inhibit the absorption of iron. However, white wine seems to help with this absorption, so you can choose a white wine to replace for red wine. This is one of the anemia foods to avoid.

6. Coffee:

Coffee could also reduce the ability of iron absorption into your system. Thus, avoid it within one hour either way of an iron-rich meal and iron supplement. This is actually one of the worst foods for anemia that everyone should stay far away from to keep the body healthy without being attacked by signs and symptoms of the anemia issue without making use of any drug, pill, or medication.

Black Tea And Green Tea

7. Black Tea And Green Tea:

Despite black and green tea are good for your overall health, those with anemia should limit the intake of these foods because they have tannins, the compound which interferes with iron absorption as mentioned above. Similar to black and green teas, grapes, corn, and sorghum are also loaded with tannins.

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