Lesser Known Medicinal Uses Of Honey

Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on earth. Honey has been widely accepted as food and medicine by all generations, traditions, and civilizations, both ancient and modern. Honey has a long medicinal history. The ancient Egyptians not only made offerings of honey to their gods, but they also used it as an embalming fluid and a dressing for wounds. On that last point, at least, they were on to something. Today, many people swarm to honey for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Holistic practitioners consider it one of nature’s best all-around remedies. So, let’s know about medicinal uses of honey below.

Medicinal Uses Of Honey

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Medicinal Uses Of Honey:

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Honey has a long history of use as a medicine. The ancient Egyptians knew this. They revered honey bees and honey. Many of their monuments have carvings of bees, beehives, and honey. Below I am describing some medicinal uses of honey…

Heals Wound

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Heals Wound:

Honey is a natural antibiotic that can act both internally and externally. It can be used as a conventional treatment for wounds and burns by disinfecting wounds and sores from major species of bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). A study found all but one of the patients who suffered from wounds and leg ulcers showed remarkable improvement after applying a topical application of honey.

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Cures Sinus Issues

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Cures Sinus Issues:

With increasing pollution and dust many people these days suffer from sinus related issues. Sinuses are small cavities in the skull that at produce mucus to guard the respiratory system from allergies and infections. When we suffer from infections the viruses block the sinus, traps the air and mucus which causes distress. Honey, on the other hand, is a natural anti-bacterium and antiseptic that helps to clear the infections and reduce inflammations. Honey also soothes the throat and reduces coughs and strengthens the immune system thereby causing fewer sinus attacks.

Treat Gum Diseases

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Treat Gum Diseases:

Honey’s anti-bacterial and infection healing properties help in treating and healing wounds. Teeth and gum diseases like gingivitis, bleeding, and plaque can be treated to a great extent with the regular use of honey. Honey is known to release antiseptic hydrogen peroxide which acts as an anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of bacteria. Experts’ advice the use of raw honey mixed with water to be used as a mouthwash. Also rubbing honey directly on affected gums gives instant relief from pain and inflammation and other periodontal diseases.

Treats Cough

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Treats Cough:

Honey is known to be one of the best home remedies for a dry cough as well as a wet cough. Research has also shown that drinking a tablespoon of honey can reduce irritation in the throat. Honey is the preferred natural remedy for a cough, especially for kids, as it helps to relieve a nocturnal cough, allowing proper sleep. This is one of the most popular medicinal uses of honey.

Control Diabetes

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Control Diabetes:

One of the medicinal uses of honey is honey helps to control diabetes. Honey contains simple sugars, but it’s the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its exact combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels.

Treats Dandruff

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Treats Dandruff:

Honey can bring temporary relief to the scalp by targeting dandruff. A 2001 study published in the European Journal of Medical Research found applying honey diluted with 10 percent warm water to problem areas and leaving it on for three hours before rinsing led to itch relief and no scaling within a week. Skin lesions healed within two weeks and patients even showed improvement in hair loss. The patients did not relapse even after six months of use. This is one of the medicinal uses of honey.

Control Eczema

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Control Eczema:

Eczema is a skin condition that causes red, itchy, flaky skin that causes discomfort. Usually, young children and teenagers suffer from eczema that can be treated with eczema. Those suffering can make a mixture of raw honey and cold-pressed olive oil and apply on the skin to get rid of the problem. Honey acts as a natural cleanser by removing dirt and making the skin smooth and soft. It can also be used for exfoliation of the skin by mixing it with oats in order to remove dead cells. Regular use of honey prevents eczema from occurring or coming back again.

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