11 Most Trendy Girl Hair Cutting Style Names

girl hair cutting style name

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A haircut is one of the essential things in women’s lives. Before cutting our hair we think so much about it, like whether we want to have a hair cut or which haircut gonna suit us and something more. These thoughts are very common. Sometimes before getting a haircut, we go through for some inspiration like searching celebrities haircut and research about best hairstyles. Here I am giving some girl hair cutting style name to give you an example of haircuts that can help you to get a beautiful look. These girl hair cutting style names are…

1. Royal Volume:

Royal Volume


Duchess Kate has stolen the title for royal beauty and grace. Her hair has rocked the world, appearance after appearance; and women follow her hair changes closer than we follow our mama’s biscuit recipe. Her hair is going to become classic in its own right. This a girl hair cutting style name which is on trend.

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2. Side-Swept Crop:

Side-Swept Crop

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This style is simple, elegant, and fresh all at once. This crop with smooth side-swept bangs and deep side part is amazing for highlighting the cheekbones (and oval faces in particular!). It’s a modern, mature cut that we just love.

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3. Full Bangs:

Full Bangs

Full bangs will always withstand time and trends. They’re the easiest way to look charming and stylish no matter your hair type or length, but we can’t get enough of thick or blunt bangs on long hair. This a girl hair cutting style name which is on trend.

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4. Layered Crop:

Layered Crop

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Jane Fonda takes the cake for this classic crop style. Plenty of layers add mega-volume, especially if you have some hairspray on hand (as all Southern ladies do). This cut is full of personality, but low maintenance enough to make it a lasting go-to.

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5. Shag:



The shag cut is versatile enough to keep coming back decade after decade. Different lengths, hair texture, and face shapes work with the shag style, and the ultra-layered look, most often with a center part and bangs, frames the face and looks instantly cool. Stevie Nicks is one of our favorite ladies to rock this style for a time.

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6. French Bob:

French Bob


This deviation from the classic bob gives European, mussed effortlessness that makes you the point of interest in any room, solidifying it as a classic cut by any standard. Often accompanied with short bangs, the French bob is mostly about looking unkempt and put-together at the same time. From rambling around the Louvre to attending a swanky party, this cut works for it all.

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7. Bold Pixie:

Bold Pixie

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This tousled cut exudes confidence and a little sassiness for the bold woman. The stacked volume gives energy and life to the super short style. This a girl hair cutting style name which is on trend.

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8. Blunt Lob:

Blunt Lob


This popular cut is newer on the hair scene, but it’s bound to be an everlasting classic. The blunt ends, sleek texture, and face-framing shape look amazing and chic. Every time we see this cut, it makes us want to take a trip to the salon ASAP. This a girl hair cutting style name which is on trend.

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9. Side-Swept Bangs:

Side Swept Bangs


We love a short side-swept bang to give some personality and fun to any cut without much hassle. Our favorite leading lady, Reese Witherspoon, knows the power of this haircut and has rocked it for years.

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10. Perfect Pixie:

Perfect Pixie

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It’s chic, timeless, and as elegant as it gets. We love a lady that isn’t afraid to kick long locks to the curb for a simply perfect pixie. We’re getting major Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow feels from this cut.

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11. Classic Bob:

Classic Bob

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You can’t beat a classic bob ever. If we had to pick one MVP in the haircut world, it would always be the bob. Keeping it simple with minimal layers and sleek locks makes it about the easiest cut to get that’s always on trend. This a girl hair cutting style name that is on trend.

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Q. What Are The Different Types Of Haircuts?

A. There are many haircut styles for women. But the main thing is to choose the right haircut that will suit you. To do this, it is not necessary to contact the salon. Read here to know about which haircut is best for you.

Q. In Which Face Shape Short Hair Looks Best?

A. There are many varieties of this haircut for short hair. You can make a softer shape or make your hair more geometric. Short hair looks best in diamond or oval shape. To know more about girl hair cutting style name read here more…

Q. Which Hair Cut Makes Your Face Look Thinner?

A. We all go through this phase at some time when we are looking for a hairstyle that suits our face. It is absolutely true that some hairstyles are not going to reduce the extra weight of your face, but it is absolutely true that some hairstyles also help to make your face cut and look sharper than ever, rather slim. To know more about this read here more…

Q. Which Haircut Is Best For Broad Forehead?

A. When your forehead is broad everyone’s eyes go there only. There is no way you can make your forehead small. But few haircuts can cover up your broad forehead. To know more about this read here more…

Q. Which Hair Cut Is Best For Oval Shape?

A. Oval Face Shape because it is a common face shape that most people have. If your face shape is also oval then you are quite happy. Yes, because girls with Oval Face Shape love all types of hair cuts. To know about haircuts read here more…

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