Step By Step Process On How To Do Hair Spa At Home

Everyone wants to have silk-like hair. But every day, it is hard to keep the hair clean from pollution and dust. And with lack of time and due to lack of care, hair becomes rough and faded. Therefore, the only savior of regular hair care is Hair Spa. But hair spa took hours an hour and money to do a hair spa in the parlor. So, you can try a hair spa at home it will save you money and time also. Here are some tips for hair spas you can try. Try this method and also you can do this twice a month, and see how your hair gets silky and smooth.

Hair spas at home are not expensive Most of the items you need for hair spas are available in your kitchen. There are five steps to hair spraying, such as massage, hot water vapor, washing, conditioning, and hair mask.

Step 1:

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This is the first step to start a hair spa at home is to massage your head from fifteen to twenty minutes with any nutritious oil. You can use olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or sesame oil. It is best if these oils are mixed together in equal amount. Slowly massage with your fingertip, it increases blood flow and helps to increase hair.

Step 2:


The second step of hair spa at home is steaming. If the stem opens the skin of the skin of the skin will be able to penetrate the soil deeper. Apart from this, the dirty stomach also comes out of the stem. To give steam, add three mugs of water to the bucket and mix it at normal temperature. Now put a towel in the water and keep all the hair and head together. Leave the towel for 20 minutes and make one light massage.

Step 3:


Now wash the oil with shampoo and shampoo. Shampoo twice for the hair, so that it is clean. The oil and the dust will rise in it. Wash the hair at a normal temperature. This is the third step of a hair spa at home.

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Step 4:


Conditioner should be applied after shampooing. You can use domestic or market conditioner for your convenience. Add tea to a homemade conditioner and add lemon juice. Use this mixture as a conditioner after shampooing. This is the fourth step of a hair spa at home.

Step 5:

Hair Mask:

This is the fifth and last step of hair spa at home. This last step gives you all the necessary nutrients in your hair. You can buy a hair mask from the market or make it from home appliances according to your needs. Different hair masks can be tried for your hair treatment.

According to the length of your hair, mix one or two eggs with a little coconut oil and apply as a hair mask. Put it in a warm towel on the head for twenty minutes and then wash the hair with gentle shampoo. Mix a ripe banana with olive oil, eggs, honey, and milk and apply it to the hair. Wash it for twenty minutes and wash it. The combination of banana, honey, curd, and olive oil can also surprise your hair. You can use this mixture in your hair.

Here is some homemade hair mask for you:

Hair mask 1: Mix two eggs with coconut oil and apply it to the hair. Put 20 minutes in this way and then shampoo. This pack applies to all kinds of hair.

Hair mask 2: Now make a pack with a ripe banana mixed with olive oil, eggs, honey, and milk. Wait 20 minutes for your hair. Then remove shampoo.

Hair mask 3: Mix bananas, honey, soy yogurt, and olive oil. Keep it on the hair. Then shampoo hair and wash hair.

Now when you know how to have a hair spa at home, do it once a week or fifteen days and understand the difference. You will get the desired results very soon.

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