Most Beautiful And Trendy Saree Draping Styles

saree draping styles


Saree is one of the most beautiful outfits. This is the reason that not only women but girls also have a different craze of the saree. Saree is also the best option for a Western and bold look. In different states of India, women drape saree in a different style. Nowadays, there are many types of saree draping styles, with the traditional style. So, let’s know different saree draping styles here…

Pleated Saree Drape


Pleated Saree Drape:

The Pleated saree draping style is one of the most widely recognized window hangings that we see. Be it in wedding Kanjeevaram sarees or the substantial fashioner sarees creased window hangings work superbly. The most desired saree for a Pleated drape, however, are cotton sarees. Nobody can deny the tastefulness that creased cotton saree with a high neck pullover can give.

Athpourey Bengali Style


Athpourey Bengali Style:

One of the most conspicuous saree hanging styles is the Bengali style. In contrast to the current saree, it has a crate crease at the front. The pallu returns form to the front of the two sides. Customarily a lot of keys was joined to the pallu tossed over the correct shoulder. This connoted the most significant lady in the family as it is an extraordinary matter of pride to be given the rules of the whole house.

Casual Drape


Casual Drape:

This is the most effortless drape to have and to cart away. Pattu sarees, lightweight sarees, net sarees fundamentally a wide range of sarees can be hung coolly with a stick or clasp verifying the pallu. For a wedding visitor saree, this could be an extraordinary decision of drape as you will look easygoing and agreeable in those substantial sarees. When you drape a saree of slight texture like chiffon or georgette or net sarees attempt back open pullovers or zipper shirts. Front open shirts don’t give an extraordinary impact. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Belt Style


Belt Style:

Drape your saree the typical way and simply include a belt that snaps your pallu at the midsection. You can even utilize a kamarbhandh if you need to go for an increasingly conventional look. An announcement shirt like an off-shoulder would add some punch to your outfit. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Dhoti Style


Dhoti Style:

Dhoti style saree hanging is fundamentally the same as a gasp style saree and is an overwhelming blend of custom and current. Dhoti sarees have been promoted by dazzling entertainers like Samantha, Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor who have worn and shaken this saree drape. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Mekhela Chador Assamese Style


Mekhela Chador Assamese Style:

One of the most exquisite approaches to wear an Assam handloom saree, the mekhela chador is worn by the petite wonders of Assam. It comes in two primary pieces the base is worn like a sarong with creases in the front through one finish of the upper article of clothing is tucked to one side of the midriff in a triangle and the opposite end is tossed over the shoulder like a shawl.

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Pant Style Saree Drape


Pant Style Saree Drape:

An in vogue saree drape that is breaking outlines is the gasp style saree hanging. Simple to wear and looks glitz. Ideal for gathering sarees and mixed drink outfits for wedding visitors. As a lady of the hour, this would be a decision as Mehendi wear. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Seedha Pallu Gujarat Style


Seedha Pallu Gujarat Style:

An ordinary saree hanging style in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha, this saree drape takes after a lehenga choli where the pallu of the saree is utilized instead of the dupatta. This licenses huge opportunity of development and works very well for overwhelming sarees where the shoulder doesn’t need to convey the heaviness of the intensely worked pallu. The pallu in the front is ideal for showing the perplexing work on the pallu and the outskirt.

Lehenga Style


Lehenga Style:

When you can give a saree shot pants why not on a skirt or a lehenga? The skirt saree is such an intriguing drape. Ideal for marriage sarees, bridesmaid sarees or notwithstanding wedding visitor sarees. It has a saree hung in a special manner over a skirt or a lehenga. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Mermaid Style


Mermaid Style:

This style of hanging spreads out the lower some portion of the pleats, which thus, resemble the tail of a mermaid. The drape may resemble a great deal of work, yet it just requires a couple of additional tucks and pleats. This is one of the beautiful saree draping styles.

Nauvari Maharashtran Style


Nauvari Maharashtran Style:

The Nauvari or the first nine-yard saree says a lot about the solid, autonomous ladies of Maharashtra. This saree hanging style is recognized by its unordinary hanging design which requires it being worn around the legs like a dhoti while the upper part is worn like a typical saree. Perhaps the best case of the Nauvari saree is shown by Lavani society artists. It allows simple development of the legs emphasizing each move of the wearer exquisitely.

Mohiniattam Kerala Style


Mohiniattam Kerala Style:

This saree draping style is essentially worn by the Golla (shepherd) and the Gudati Kapulu (agriculturist) networks of Narasannapalle, a town in the Kadapa locale of Andhra Pradesh. Despite the fact that the wrap starts like an ordinary nivi drape, when the creases are made, they are wound around the body and tucked at the midsection from the opposite end rather than the front. The creases are rolled outwards and verified by folding them around with the deepest layer. The lower outskirts are picked then at the two limits and brought to the abdomen at the once again from either side to be taken care of. This requires material like silk which can hold the shape for extended periods.

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