Complete Guide to Traditional Indian Bridal Look

Traditional Indian Bridal Look

Traditional Indian Bridal Look

The wedding is perhaps the biggest day in the life of a girl. It is the day when all her dreams of getting married and settling into a beautiful after marriage life come true.

Traditionally Indian Bridal look has been out of this world. The beautiful wearing outfits were created by craftsmen who were trained in weaving and handcrafts. They were out of this world. Thus, the Indian wedding dresses that are traditionally in the bridal wear today is a mix of traditional and modern bridal wear that may be Indian inspired. Because of its amazing look it looks hot in any season and now you can find designs that looks beautiful during the summer season as well as winter.

This is the day girls love to look breathtakingly gorgeous and take every necessary step to make them stand apart in the crowded halls of the wedding reception.

For an Indian bride, marriage is the day when she finally gets connected to her roots and traditions. It is the day when she finally gets to dress in traditional Indian bridal look attire.

 Given below is the complete guide to traditional Indian bridal look.

Pre-wedding preparations

Every bride should start making preparation beforehand and not wait until the last minute. Last minute surprises always tend to ruin the day.

To have a glowing and radiant look, one should start to cleanse their face on daily routine 3-4 time a day. Use moisturizer to protect the face from dust.

Avoid oiliness or dryness and make sure your face does not have any irritation or reddish tinge.

Traditional Indian bridal makeup

  • Clean both face and neck

Use a cleansing cream to wash your face and get rid of any oil. Don’t forget to wash your neck as it is an extension of the face. Use chilled water to wash your face and hydrate it.

  • Remove dark circles

The wedding is a definitely a big occasion and with that comes lots of work and stress.

So getting some dark circles under your eyes is obvious. Apply a concealer to hide any dark circles. With that apply a bit of primer which will help the foundation to hold on.

  • Apply and set the Foundation

Apply the foundation evenly on the skin. The foundation should be totally devoid of water or sweat.

Use a puff powder to set the foundation perfectly. Use the powder evenly and see that there is no heavy makeup.

  • Forehead decoration

For a traditional Indian bridal look, the decoration on the forehead with sandalwood paste is absolutely necessary.

For this an expert should always hired and it should be always kept in mind that sandalwood paste does not mix up with the makeup and destroy it completely.

  • Eye Makeup

Eyes are the most expressive part of our body. For a traditional Indian bridal look, the makeup of the eyes should be top notch.

Eye makeup is different for different communities. For Bengalis, the eyes should have a dark and strong eyeliner and kajal and eye shadow. For Gujaratis, the eye makeup is soft as they mainly focus on the attire more than makeup.

Shape the eyebrows perfectly. Apply the mascara on the upper eyelids to have the perfect eye makeup.

  • Lip Makeup

Use the lip colour pencil to perfectly make the outline of the lips. Then use a deeper shade of lipstick. Finish it off with a perfect lip gloss.

  • Applying the blush

With all the makeup perfectly in place, apply the blush on the cheeks to give the bride a look of blushing on her favourite day.

Traditional Indian bridal hairdo

With the perfect makeup, it is also important to take care of the hairdo. The styling of the hair should be according the bride’s tradition and the way it goes with the attire.

The most traditional Indian bridal hairdo is a simple and sleek bun. This is perfect to go under a ghungat as it keeps the hair in place. The additional decorations with flower garlands make it look extra pretty.

For a South Indian bride, it is important to make a long braid. A two-piece floral accessory is made on the top of the hair like a crown and it goes around the base of the braid as it goes down the length.

Traditional Indian bridal attire and jewellery

To go along with all the makeup and hairdo, the perfect attire should be chosen for the traditional Indian bridal look.

Most of the Bengali brides prefer to drape herself with red, maroon or pink banarasi silk saree. The additional work with gold zari or but a adds perfection to the beautiful outfit.

To top all the look heavy necklaces are worn with designs of peacocks, butterflies, drops, semi-circles with pearls, etc. The customary bangles called nowa, ruli, etc. are also worn. Various gold chains and gold rings add to the beauty.

For a South Indian bride, kanjivaram silk or South Indian silk sarees with temple jewellery is preferred. The brides belt their sarees with gold cumbarbands.

For a North Indian bride, right lehengas with golden embroidery is preferred. To top all the looks, Mehendi is applied on the hands and a red coloured dye is painted on the feet of all Indian brides.

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