Traditional Tamil Dress Of Men and Women

Traditional Tamil Dress


The state of Tamil Nadu is well-known for its beauty, cuisine, art, culture, beaches, hill towns, temples, and places of worship. It is a state with a lot to offer, in fact. The colorful clothing that state residents wear takes the front stage on this list. The rich history and natural beauty of the area are symbolized by traditional clothing. Traditional dress of TamilNadu is produced from a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, georgette, and many kinds of silk, including crepe silk, organza, patola silk, and micro silk. So, in this article let’s know about Traditional Tamil dress.

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Traditional Attire Of Tamil Nadu:

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Either way, the saree has become a cultural symbol of the Tamil people. Tamil costume for girl are sarees, skirts, and shirts for girls and scarves for grown-up women were designed and circulated among us. Designed according to the climate of the tropical region of Tamil Nadu, these dresses exude beauty and serenity.

Women who wore scarves and crawled like angels, only cultivated admiration in the minds of men. The male and female attraction was kept within limits by the control of young women in the matter of dress. tamil traditional dress for girls was scientifically thought out and was medically, scientifically, and women-friendly.

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 Traditional Dresses Of Women In Tamil Nadu:

The saree is the very heart of what an Indian woman wears today. The same holds for the state that is the furthest south in our nation. Women’s daily attire consists of really basic but lovely sarees. The majority of the women here prefer to wear cotton sarees due to the high temperatures.

Sarees from Tamil Nadu are especially beautiful and have an ornate zari border that adds to their appeal. Kanchipuram saree is one such saree, famed for its style, texture, and color that varies from the sarees typically found in North India, and is made in Kanchipuram. Its length runs from five to six yards. Young girls also dress in lovely Pavadas, which are half sarees.

Another common Tamil Nadu traditional dress is the Davani, a shawl worn by young Tamil girls that traditionally consists of a full-length skirt, a short top, and a shawl. Due to the development of modernization, skirts, suits, and salwar kameez are the preferred attire in various areas of the state.

This is because of the way people dress in northern India and a certain amount of influence from other modern apparel, such as dresses, jeans, and shirts, to name a few.

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 Traditional Dresses Of Men In Tamil Nadu:

Lungi is a traditional Tamil mens dress. Lungi is nothing but a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around your legs and thighs. They usually wear white or pastel colors but today, lungis are available in all colors and sizes.

It is primarily made from cotton and is suitable for any occasion from daily wear to weddings and festivals. Along with this, men wear a shirt over which a shawl rests on their shoulders is called Angavastram.

Earlier it was used as an upper garment but now it is worn with a shirt. Then, the younger generation prefers to go with more trendy options like jeans, trousers, and shirts.

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Traditional Wedding Dress Of Tamil Nadu:

Tamil Nadu weddings are nothing if not an expensive affair. Women look very beautiful wearing silk sarees. Generally, they wear Kanchipuram sarees with beautiful zari borders and vibrant colors or Madurai silk sarees with textures out of the world.

The sarees that they wear during their wedding are comparatively long, 8 to 9 yards. In addition, Tamil outfits for ladies wear splendid jewelry with their attire which is usually passed down from generation to generation, adding to its importance.

A two-piece garment known as Veshti and Angavastram is traditionally worn by the Tamil groom. Both are made of Silk. Veshti refers to the lower half of the cloth that the groom wears as a dhoti or just a lungi. He may also wear a simple white shirt, covered with an Angavastram. He also wears a special headwear, almost like a turban, called a Thalaip.

Furthermore, both the bride and groom wear wreaths around their necks and the women adorn their hair with the most wonderful flowers as well as gold ornaments to enhance their stunning looks.

Traditional Fashion Accessories Of Tamil Nadu:

As mentioned above, women of Tamil Nadu look very beautiful when they wear a beautiful garland made of fresh flowers on their hair which gives them a natural look. These flowers are commonly called ‘Gajra’.

Another popular accessory in Tamil Nadu is the infamous gold jewelry. Being a state that is known for keeping gold with its residents, it is natural for it to be prevalent in the state. Women look attractive wearing exquisite gold ornaments like necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, anklets, and Maang-tika.

Some of the prominent pieces include Odiyanam which is a gold belt that fastens a saree together, Vanki which is a beautiful armlet that is traditionally worn on the upper arm, Thodu which are studded earrings, and many more.

Women tie the whole look together by applying Kumkum on their feet and foreheads. On the other hand, men usually apply Vibhuti and sandalwood paste on their foreheads.

With increasing urbanization, many people in Tamil Nadu have started using jeans and shirts for daily wear, but when it comes to festivities, old is gold and everyone looks beautiful in their traditional attire.

The preservation of culture and heritage that can be seen in this state is impeccable and the continuous efforts of the people are the primary reason behind it. Even a small thing like wearing a lungi or a saree creates a bigger impact than you may realize at the moment as it goes a long way.


One noteworthy point to consider further is that despite differences in various fields there is unity in our country which we not only tolerate but also accept and embrace. The costumes and accessories of Tamil Nadu and almost all the states of our country are popular in that particular region and hence, it is absolutely beautiful that despite this cultural diversity, we are still united and that is one of the best qualities of India.


Q. What is the traditional and famous dress of Tamil Nadu?

A. The traditional dress of Tamils is the Vetti, the top piece, which is suitable for tropical countries. A women’s Chiradai is a long, one-piece garment.

Q. What is a South Indian saree called?

 A. We are referring to the Kerala or Kasavu saree. The Kasavu saree is simple and minimalist in design, made of soft woven cotton with a modest border and pallu. The border and pallu of the Kasavu saree are traditionally woven with gold thread on cotton fabric.

Q. What are the weaving clothes of Tamil Nadu?

A. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, only cotton was originally used for weaving clothes.

Q. Which saree is traditional in Tamil Nadu?

A. This essay will examine the history, artistry, and workmanship of these sarees while stressing their beauty and grace. Pochampalli Silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Coimbatore Silk Sarees, Kanchipuram Sarees, Dharmavaram Silk Sarees, and Arani Silk Sarees are common.

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