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Dress of Himachal Pradesh


Himachali dress is known as eye-catching. Himachal Pradesh has incredible natural beauty, and there are plenty of other attractions as well. What about the inhabitants’ traditions and culture, though? Due to the several tribes that have deep roots in different regions of this region, you will undoubtedly find a variety of Himachal Pradesh’s traditional garments that will baffle you. Along these lines, let us show you some traditional dress of Himachal Pradesh.

Dress of Himachal Pradesh:

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The Himachal Pradesh costume reflect an awesome diversity owing to the plethora of cultures and religions. Again the costumes of each community are different, be it the Hindu Brahmins, the Rajputs, and the tribal people like Gaddis, Kinnauras, Gujjars, Pangawals, and Lahaulis.

Himachal Pradesh, one of the untouched, pristine, and one of the most popular states in India has a diverse clothing style. One’s clothes always reflect one’s traditions, culture, the environment in which one is living, and many other factors.

The attire of the Himachal people is very beautiful and vibrant. And it’s made according to the harsh weather conditions that linger all year round. Warm and cozy, the handwoven dresses are an attraction for people who visit the state from other parts of the country and the world.

Right from the caps to the dresses to the footwear, most of it is weaved manually. The handloom has risen to become the cultural identity of Himachal Pradesh.


Traditional Himachal Pradesh Dresses of Men:

There are mainly two classes in which the community of Himachal Pradesh has been divided: Rajput and Brahmins. The attires are largely identical, but some differences can be noted. Rajput Men wear tight Churidar Pyjamas with kurta and long silk overcoat over it. The overcoats are designed with yak leather and gold threads which help them keep warm.

They wear a turban on their heads which are colour-dyed and starch-stiffened. Turbans along with mustaches are considered a symbol of pride and honour among the Rajputs.

Brahmin Men can be seen wearing dhoti and kurta along with a waistcoat or an overcoat and sometimes a turban. Priests mostly wear white clothes and a small soft towel-like cloth on their shoulders.

For occasions and festive ceremonies, men wear new kurta pajamas along with embroidered caps or turbans and sometimes shawls and Pahari Topi.


Traditional Himachal Pradesh Dresses of Women :

The costumes of the women hailing from the Brahmin and the Rajput clans are quite traditional. These women normally dress in Kurtas, Ghagra Lehenga Choli, and “Rahide” which is a nice crimson headscarf decked with golden fringes. The farmers and worker classes were required to toil, and go for a kurta, a loincloth, and a cap.

They provide long pajamas, for attending ceremonies like marriage ceremonies or special occasions, such as festivals. The Chamba folk of Himachal Pradesh are very fond of adornment. The women folk decorate themselves with head scarves. These scarves are usually made of brightly printed cotton cloth and knotted at the back.

Rajput women wear long kurtas stretching from their necks to their toes. This began following the purdah (veil) system which is no longer prevalent in the region. They also wear Ghaghris, Salwar-Kameez, and Cholis. Cholis are shirts which are worn on the upper part with a long skirt and a lot of bangles.

Himachali Dress for ladies also wear similar clothing like salwar kameez and ghagra choli. For occasions and celebrations like weddings, they wear long pajamas, traditional ghagra choli woven at homes with intricate embroidery, and new rings and bangles. Footwear is designed with grass and animal skin to keep the feet warm.

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Tribal Himachali Dresses:

There are many tribes that exist in Himachal Pradesh in regions like Kinnaur, Lahaul, Spiti, and a few areas of Manali. Kinnaur is a beautiful valley in the northeastern part of Himachal Pradesh, and the Himachali dress name Kinnaur is quite popular all over the country.

Some popular items are Dohru, stall, and Bushehri topi. Women can be seen wearing bulky silver ornaments, especially in functions and events like marriages and religious gatherings.

Tribal people from Lahaul- Spiti district also wear attractive garments in eloquent colors. Traditional attire for men in Manali includes ‘Sultan’ (on the lower part of the body) and ‘Chola’ (on the upper part) with a belt called ‘Dora’. Women wear long shawls called ‘Pattoo’ and Dhatu’ or ‘Thipu’ on their heads. The tribal dresses are mostly hand woven and are therefore so popular. People of Himachal Pradesh are fond of wearing traditional and ethnic costumes.

They feel pride in it and want to protect and safeguard their ethnicity and diversity which has made its mark across the world. Alongside Brahmins and Rajputs, there are many tribes that dwell in the hilly state. Some of them are Gaddis, Gujjars, Kinnars, and Pangawals. Their ethnic costumes are also similar to Rajputs and Brahmins.

The Western influence is not yet prominent but has become visible in the young generations. Shirts and Jeans among males and tops and skirts among females are worn by the younger people of the state.

Ethnic attire is preferred during rituals and ceremonies, The Himachal Pradesh dress name and attire which are worn are not only derived from their rich culture but also help them to tackle the rough weather conditions of the Himalayas. And this brilliant creativity has now turned into a prospering handloom business exporting products around the world.

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Traditional Jewelry & Ornaments of Himachali Women :

Keen observers would say that Himachali women are super fond of intricate Jewellery like elaborate necklaces, bangles, anklets, and earrings. They even sometimes add some interesting colorful headpieces which further amplify the beauty of their look as a whole.

In local terms, the women adorn themselves with a silver domed piece of head Jewellery called Chakk, Chandrahar which is a neckpiece with an elaborate yet ethnically enriched pendant,

Chiri is something that looks similar to that of a Maang Tikka, Toke which is a wristband and Pari is a foot necklace. Of course, the whole look truly comes together when combined with a beautiful pair of gorgeous Jhumkas or earrings.

Himachal Pradesh Bridal Dress:

The attire of Himachal women is extremely attractive. However, their wedding dress is the best. It is finished with adornments and vivid garments. They wear long dresses, similar to a ghagra and choli however it is somewhat bright and extravagant made with alluring strings, and looks gleaming.

Himachal Pradesh Groom Dress:

Sherwanis and suits are common wedding wear for Himachali grooms. He stands out since he also has a woolen Himachali hat on.

dress of himachal pradesh dress of himachal pradesh dress of himachal pradesh bright and shiny dresses traditional dress traditional dress traditional dress traditional dress traditional dress traditional dress traditional dress

Accessories Of Himachal Pradesh:

The majority of the traditional Himachali dress is handwoven, and it has some lovely designs. Everything is painstakingly woven, or at least it was done that way for traditional items, like hats, gowns, and shoes.


The Kullu Topi, or headpiece, of Himachal Pradesh is a very important and essential part of Himachal culture. The cap’s design varies depending on the region. The distinguishing characteristics of a Himachali or Topi are colorful bands in gorgeous and lovely colors. Vegetable colors are steadily gaining favor in place of vibrant hues. The caps are offered in many sizes, including small, big, and medium.

Himachali Shawls:

The goats shed their fur in the high highlands throughout the summer. The locals produce fine fabric by spinning and weaving during the winter. The Pashmina Shawl, which is manufactured from Pashmina Goat hair, is the most remarkable and well-known. Intricate types of shawls are made by fusing various blue, grey, mustard, and white hues. The most popular shawl types are the Dhoobroo and Pattu.


The women of Kullu use a variety of shawls that are longer, heavier, and thicker than their traditional clothing. Tattoos are typically hung like sarees and worn over clothing. Silver pins and brooches also referred to as Boomani, are fastened below the shoulders.

The Pattoo is distinctive in that it is both produced and purchased locally. The names of the tattoos are typically derived from their patterns and motifs. The most well-known tattoo designs include Daba, Chitra, Chhiyan, Teen Phoolwala, Plain, Dhari, and others. On important events and on holidays, people typically wear tattoos that are more ornate and intricate.


A variety of woolen items are worn around the neck as mufflers. The luxurious wools used to create the many muffler styles include angora, merino, and pashmina. The names of the mufflers are also based on the patterns or decorations that they sport. Typically, men’s mufflers are shorter than women’s mufflers. The talented and highly competent craftsmen in the area are able to provide the best designs for mufflers.


Which of these would you like to wear on your next trip to Himachal Pradesh? The traditional dresses of Shimla, Kinnaur, Spiti, and Lahaul are a bit different. When you visit different parts of the state, you will get to witness different types of attire. And it also depends on the tribes that live in that region; as to what they follow in terms of culture and traditions.

But if you are an explorer who wishes to know and understand all the important things including the traditional wedding dresses of Himachal Pradesh then you are up for a treat.

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