8 Homemade Tips For Hair Thickness

In today’s world, everyone loves bigger than their hair, just as he wants to have hair strong, long and black, in the same way, he wants to make the hair thick and thick. Many people use today’s many market products but these products do not harm your hair and do not give much benefit. It is, therefore, better than you try domestic remedies to darken the hair. Nor will you have any side-effects nor will it cost more. Let’s know which home remedy tips for hair thickness, with the help natural ingredients of which make your hair super thick.

Tips For Hair Thickness

The 8 Homemade Tips For Hair Thickness article that you are looking at right now is one of the many great ways to increase your hair length. With this new found knowledge you will be able to create that set of stunning locks that everyone knows you have. This is just the beginning to the tips for getting hair thicker. There are tons of products on the market, most of which are full of chemicals and may even harm you in the long run. There are actually a few simple things that you can do to naturally get that extra length that you desire.

Of course the first thing that you need to do if you are experiencing thinning hair is to see a doctor. You may be suffering from alopecia, or you may be having loss due to stress. Either way, your doctor can help you find the cause of your problem and what you can do to prevent it from happening again. They will help you understand how the different treatments work and what the side effects might be as well.

The best way to determine if the different treatments are working is to try them out. When you take that step, you can be sure that you are going to know what is going on. After all, you should never be afraid to try something that you have not seen in action before. You can even try out treatments that are considered risky for a small amount of time and see if they work before giving up. If they do not, then you can begin with the more commonly used treatments and then only use those that are safe to try.

Tips For Hair Thickness

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Here we are going to tell you the best tips for hair thickness, with the help of which you can easily make your hair, short hair thick, long, dense and soft. Home remedies are an integral part of our lives, home-grown footwear, where we avoid many diseases, they do not even have any side effects.

1. Onion juice

Onion juice is very beneficial for hairiness and obesity. Its use strengthens the roots of hair which promotes hair growth. This is one of the best tips for hair thickness.

How To:

  • Peel the onion and grind it in a vessel.
  • After that apply it on your hair.
  • After drying 15 to 20 minutes, wash with shampoo lightly.
  • Using it once or twice a week gives good results.

Aloe Vera

2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is popular for enjoying big and long hair. It is famous for its moisturizing quality, it keeps the face of the head in the right way, which does not have any external effect on the hair. This is one of the best tips for hair thickness.

How To:

  • Remove the gel from one or two aloe vera leaves and rub the gel on your head.
  • After 30 minutes of drying, you wash the hair well with lukewarm water.
  • Use it once or twice a week regularly.

3. Castor and coconut oil

Applying castor oil regularly on the hair makes hair grow stronger and stronger. Because of its viscosity, it coats the hair well, as well as protects the hair from falling. Vitamin E and fatty acids present in it promote the growth of hair.

How To:

  • Heat the castor oil and coconut oil in equal parts.
  • After cooling, massage it on your hair.
  • Cover your hair with a towel moistened with warm water
    Leave it for at least an hour and then wash your hair well with shampoo or hot water.
  • Make this remedy once a week and get hair shiny and thicker.

4. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seed is a very old natural remedy for thick hair. Fenugreek prevents hair fall, strengthens hair roots and promotes new hair growth. It is an easy way to thicken up your hair.

How To:

  • Keep the fenugreek seeds soaked in two cups of water at night.
  • On the second day, grind them well and apply this paste on the hair.
  • Take 30 to 40 minutes after planting with lukewarm water well, because the fragrance of fenugreek seeds can disturb you.
  • Use it once a week.

Orange juice

5. Orange juice

You will not hear about orange juice, but it can help to make the hair thick and thick. It mainly prevents hair loss in the hair but it is also capable of thickening and promoting hair. This is one of the best tips for hair thickness.

How To:

6. Egg

A lot of proteins are needed to make the hair strong and thick. Eggs are a very good ingredient for protein. It gives a great amount of nutrient balance to the hair, with the help of which the hair starts becoming thicker than thinner.

How To:

  • Take one or two eggs according to the length of the hair.
  • Stir well and apply the egg paste to the hair.
  • Wash with lukewarm water after about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Use this experiment once or twice a week.


  • Take out the outer white part of the egg in a bowl.
  • Mix one large spoon of hair oil of your choice.
  • Add two tablespoons of water.
  • After this, massage this mixture on your hair thoroughly.
  • You will see the difference in the week itself.

7. Henna Powder

Henna Powder also prevents hair from being thick, soft and cracked. It also promotes the tenderness of the hair, which keeps hair soft and shiny. This is one of the best tips for hair thickness.

How To:

  • Grind the leaves of fresh henna and mix some water in it and make a paste.
  • Apply on your hair after two to three hours after thoroughly roasting.
  • After applying hair, wrap someone with some clothes.
  • Wash well after drying.

Olive oil

8. Olive oil

Olive oil is considered good for long and thick hair. It provides good nutrients to hair roots due to which the hair becomes strong with roots and becomes thick and dense.

How To:

First of all, you heat olive oil.

After cooling, massage your hair well.

Make sure the hair should be gentle.

After some time you can use Shampoo to clean hair.

Use it once a week.

So these are the tips for hair thickness. Try these out to have thick long hair.

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