Trends and Styles In The 60s Men’s Fashion

60s men’s fashion for men were not as progressive as it was for ladies but rather there was a considerable measure of progress. Ties, belts, and lapels got more extensive, collars got longer and more extensive and a changed adaptation of the chime base called “flared” wound up prevalent. The conservative men’s suit went up against some geometric plan alongside the flare in the jeans leg and more extensive lapels. Game shirts were the standard for casual wear with the polo style being the most prominent.

In the 1960s men and women changed their clothing styles a lot because of different trends and styles in the fashion industry. So if you want to look trendy, you need to know what style is the latest in the world of men’s fashion. Many people did not wear jeans anymore until the hippies started wearing them. By wearing them, they made the whole world noticed that they are the coolest thing to wear for a man. Since then, many new styles and trends have been introduced for the men in the world. Even though men wanted to be hip in their clothing styles, there were also some who did not like the idea of wearing them. The ones who did not like wearing them are those who did not want to appear like other people.


These were the people who started the trend of men who liked to wear t-shirts because they wanted to change their entire clothing styles. They wanted to look cool but still have a certain style. While they were already fashionable, they just wanted to make it even more so. The people who started to wear the t-shirts were often known as geeks or nerds because they liked to get something that is exclusive and unique. It was a way for them to prove that they are hip in the world of fashion.


60s men’s fashion was not as progressive as it was for ladies but rather there was a great deal of progress. Men got more choices, some in business clothing and additionally a mess of decisions for easygoing dressing



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This suit splendidly shows the unpretentious changes in 60s men’s fashion. Notice the more extensive lapels and tie. Likewise, the coat currently has shoulder braces and the suit pants are flared. Indeed, even with the progressions, this would at present be viewed as a traditionalist suit.

Double Breasted Suit:

The twofold breasted suit which was well known in the 30s and 40s made a concise rebound during the 1960s. Additionally called a ‘four catch’ suit it was too firm searching for the new easygoing quality of the decade.


Plaids and different examples were presently adequate for a games coat. Indeed, even this strong shading blue suit is a lot lighter in shading than would have been worn during the 50s.

Indeed, even men’s business clothing went up against another easygoing quality aside from in bigger firms where a great suit and tie were as yet required

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Sports Coat:

Here is the inverse of the plaid sports coat. An official in an expansive enterprise wouldn’t wear an outfit like this however it would be okay at most different employments.

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Seersucker Suit:

The Seersucker Suit was one of the 1960s more loosened up styles and an extraordinary decision to wear in the mid-year. This is the trendiest thing in 60s men’s fashion.

Sweater Vests :

Sweater vests could be worn with a suit coat or rather than a coat. The one envisioned here would be more fitting for work anyway more easygoing sweater vests were significantly more famous.

Sweaters were mainstream during the 60s. They crossed over any barrier enabling men to be easygoing yet still flawlessly dressed.

Flared Pant:

Notice the more drawn out collars, flared trouser legs and the utilization of geometric structures. These structure components were new during the 60s men’s fashion.

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Knit Shirts:

Knit shirts like the ones above arrived in a major assortment of hues and structures. They made ready for the more well known Polo style shirt which came somewhat later during the 1960s.

Geometric Design:

The geometric plan of this sweater imitated the Mod look that ladies’ garments architects utilized so generously. The Mod look did not get on in men’s wear.

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Longer Hair:

Longer hair and loosened up dressing ran with a more easygoing way of life. This pic is of an English musical gang, The Kinks. Their hits included “You truly Got Me” and “Throughout the day and All of the Night”

Before the finish of the sixties a few designs were digging in for the long haul, the flared dress slack would stay in style for one more decade ties and lapels didn’t thin up for another 20 – 25 years either. In any case, among the youthful group whatever was not the same as the standard was cool, hip and definitely awesome.

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