How Long Does It Take For Ear Piercing To Heal?

How Long Does It Take For Ear Piercing To Heal


Lack of care after piercing increases the risk of spreading the infection. And it can take a long time to heal once the piercing site is infected. So, how long it take piercings to heal, is entirely dependent on the post-care of ear piercing? Therefore, it becomes very important to know how to take piercing care of the earlobe after it is pierced. So, let’s now know in detail about ear piercing in this post below…

What Is Ear Piercing And Why People Do It?

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What Is Ear Piercing And Why People Do it


Piercing is one of the record common sorts of piercings. The part of these piercings can vary from the arch of cartilage at the upper part of the ear to the earlobe, to the creases just exterior the earlobe channel.

There is a tradition of piercing ears in many societies around the world including India. The tradition of piercings the ears of children and adults have been going on for centuries.

Generally, piercings are an old Indian tradition. In every corner of the country, women pierce their ears and wear jewelry.

But as per the changing times, earlobe piercings have become a fashion and now some men have started piercings their ears along with women.

We often see that the surface of the ear of most women is pierced while the ear of some women is pierced from one end to the other. However, it depends on your choice.

Although ear piercings relatively safe and tremendously popular, you still have to treat earlobe piercings with attention and piercing site care to avoid any problems.

Many parents are very concerned about the right time to get their child’s ears pierced and piercing care.

Some people take it to the next step and stretch their ear lobes to wear plug earrings.

How to Pierce Ear?

Method Of Ear Piercing

Nowadays, most people prefer to get their ears pierced in a beauty salon. However, people used to do it at home earlier. But you should have your child’s ear pierced by trained personnel only.

You can consult your friends to get the children’s ears pierced at the right place. The method of piercings the ears of children is similar to that of elders. The method of ear piercings is explained in detail below.

  • Firstly, the doctor or professional piercer cleans the skin with rubbing alcohol or germ-free products.
  • During this time, doctors or professional piercer should wear special types of gloves in their hands.
  • With the help of a special needle or piercing gun the doctor or professional piercer, pierce.
  • You can do any method as per the wishes of the parents or according to the advice of the professional piercer.
  • Both of these methods cause pain while piercing.
  • Gold jewelry is worn soon after ear piercing (Whether or not to wear gold earrings depends on your wish. But it reduces the risk of infection.)
  • Wearing gold earring after piercing prevent swelling and redness that comes after piercing.
  • Alternatively, you can also wear steel earrings. But steel earrings should not contain nickel.
  • Also, gold-plated earrings on steel are also a better option.
  • After piercing, doctors or experts can give you medication to keep the pierced area infection-free.
  • It is advisable to apply for this medicine twice a week.

Risk Factors:

Risk Factors


You may have the following risks after piercing.


The use of a special kind of metal earring jewelry makes your piercing site more prone to allergies. It is common to have infections due to earrings made of nickel.


You may have an infection after new piercings. During this time, the risk of infection is high due to some silly mistakes/reasons like the piercing device not being clean, the earrings are tight and dirty, etc.


By wearing loose or hanging earrings, the child can pull out her earrings by herself. In this case, the hole in the ear of the child is more likely to burst.


Many times, small or tight earrings may close the ear pierced in the child. Also, the child may have problems while taking out the tight earrings.

What Else To Care For After Ear Piercing

take care


After new piercings, take care of the piercing site specially to prevent infection. Post care of the piercing site is as follows.

It is very important to wash your hands before touching the piercing site.

After taking bath, clean the ear pierced area and earring with the help of cotton.

Use antiseptic lotion twice a week on the ear pierced area.

Check if your earlobe is bleeding or not before bedtime and after waking up.

Make sure that the earrings do not stick to the skin, so shake it once or twice daily with light hands and back and forth.

Do not take the earrings out until the wound is healed.


After piercing the ear, if you notice any kind of infection or any other problem, then consult the doctor or expert immediately.

How Long Does It Take For Ear Piercing To Heal?

How Long Does It Take For Ear Piercing To Heal1


Ear cartilage piercings are the fastest to heal completely. They normally take around 1 to 2 months to completely heal.

However, ear Cartilage piercings to another place on the ear lobe take longer to heal. This may take four to six months or sometimes a year before a tragus or helix piercings are completely cured.


While your ear piercing is still curing, do not take the earring out for a protracted period. Doing this may result in the hole to close.


How can I make my Earlobe piercing heal faster?

Wash the piercings per day with gentle soap water. Try not to disturb the skin around the new piercing and try not to return the injury, which could hinder healing time.

Give the tissue around the penetrating a lot of time to mend before you change the jewelry.

How Do I Know If My Earlobe Piercing Is Healed?

A limited quantity of redness isn’t exceptional, however, this ought to die down a long time. You may see some dry matter at the passage or exit of your penetrating. This is classified as exudate and is a side-effect of the healing cycle.

It is imperative to wash this off with warm salt water before truly moving the jewelry through the puncturing. You ought to never move dry adornments through a moderately crisp penetrating.

Any confined growing will normally disappear several days and this can be helped with spotless, cold packs. On the off chance that you have any protuberances or knocks show up adjacent to your puncturing see your Piercers quickly.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Change My Ear Piercings?

You should change your new piercing after in any event a month and a half with the goal that the thickness and sort of tissues in the ear cartilage mend totally.

Before the month and a half end up, the piercing opening is excessively fragile and can without much of a stretch get contaminated by different microorganisms, causing different pierced ear lobe diseases.

Can An Ear-piercings Heal In 2 Weeks?

Piercings on your ear cartilage require roughly 6-8 weeks to mend totally while ligament piercings require around 12 weeks to recuperate.

Supplanting your hoop as right on time as 6 weeks may bring about serious aggravation and pierced ear contaminations, due to the little twisted in your piercing that requirements to mend completely.

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