6 Benefits of Commercial Alarm Systems

You’re contemplating getting a commercial alarm system. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this. Commercial alarm systems come in all shapes and sizes, with some as simple as camera surveillance and others that include perimeter, access control, camera systems, motion sensors, and more. Once you’ve decided on the security system you want, work with AES Systems, and get the expert treatment you need to install your new security plan. There are so many benefits to installing a system that it’s hard to limit it to just a few, but that’s what we’ve done for you. Take a look at the benefits of commercial alarm systems we have compiled for you.

Keep Secure from Intruders

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Have you experienced break-ins or unwanted individuals loitering around your establishment? A security system can help deter potential criminals from attempting to break into your business. Having a secure business will help keep out the riffraff.

Whether it’s intruders from the outside world or employees getting into areas they shouldn’t be in, a security system will help. Creating an access control system can help you limit the movement of anyone within your building and grounds. When an employee leaves the company, you don’t have to do any more than just deactivate their card or change the door’s code—no more changing locks.

Employee theft can be a significant problem for companies as well. A visible security system will not only deter the opportunistic employee but will provide evidence in the case that there is a theft that’s taken place.

If your business occupies multiple buildings, an access control system is critical. You can reduce the number of employees going between buildings unnecessarily and reduce the chances of loss and theft by removing any physical keys from the installations.

Setting up card readers can make moving between these buildings faster and easier.

Improves Response Time for Authorities

Authorities are alerted immediately when the alarm goes off. No more having to call emergency services and hope they arrive in time. Break-ins, when you are closed, will still trigger the authorities, and alerts will be sent to those on the list. The 24/7 monitoring service AES Systems provides can tell right where someone was on the property and when. You can receive updates in real-time from your phone to keep you up to date wherever you are.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance can be expensive. However, most insurance providers offer discounts if you have a security system installed. The discounts can be significant, depending on the level of security you choose to install. Since the security system lowers the potential risk to the insurance provider, they may pass those savings along to you.

Peace of Mind

Fraud happens all the time. Slip and fall claims, fraudulent injury claims, and false claims of threats or harm by others cost businesses significant money each year. With a security system in place, you have recorded proof of any fraudulent behavior that may occur. Staged slip and fall accidents do happen. A security system will save you money.

Theft by employees, including both physical and data theft, is reduced significantly by the presence of a security system. Adding in an access control system will also provide exact details of who goes where, when. If a theft does occur, you will know who was in the area at the time.

Integrated Systems

It’s possible to incorporate emergency response alerts for things like fire detection, sprinklers, gas leaks, and flooding. Adding these extra layers of security to your building can ensure a safer and more efficient workplace. Plus, you can run automated fire drills with employees.

When you set up a new security system, you want to include the perimeter, building access points, limiting access within the building to those that need it, and setting time restrictions on when employees can enter the building. These separate parts of an integrated security system can seamlessly work together to provide a well-functioning security system with no blind spots.

Stay Connected

There are different types of commercial alarm systems for you to choose from. Wireless systems use batteries, meaning that in case of a power outage, they continue working. However, batteries need to be charged, which can cause moments when the system isn’t completely intact.

Hardwired systems depend on the power grid. If your company has backup generators, you can keep this system up in case of a power outage. If not, it will go out, leaving you open to potential looting. There are pros and cons to each system, and the best way to decide which to choose is by what your security needs are. We can help you make those crucial decisions. AES Systems is here to keep your security system functioning smoothly and up to date.

Commercial Alarm Systems You Can Trust

AES Systems is a pioneer in the world of security. Our expert technicians are able to upgrade or install new systems quickly to keep your business as secure as possible. As a respected and trusted security system equipment provider and installer, AES Systems works with you to ensure the right amount of coverage is used, all without recommending more than is needed for your business.

Our company has been around since 1980, which means we have years of first-hand experience in the ever-evolving security industry. Our expert team will take whatever steps necessary to ensure your buildings are as secure as possible, and we will do it for a reasonable price.

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