How To Wear Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

eyeliner for hooded eyes

We all love to wear eyeliner. Eyeliner defines our eyes and makes them look beautiful. While every eye shape from round eyes to almond eyes, upturned eyes to downturned eyes are gorgeous and look beautiful, hooded eyes can be difficult to define. It is more difficult to master a particular eye makeup looks. Mastering the winged eyeliner is a challenge and but eyeliner for hooded eyes is much more difficult. Eyeliner becomes a bit tricky to wear when you can’t really see the eyelid. We know, eyeliner has always been one of your greatest woes for your beautiful hooded eyes. If you are trying to wear eyeliner for hooded eyes you will end up with frustration, smudged eyes, and eyes that disappear.

What is a Hooded Eye?

A hooded eye is one type of shape of the eye. Hooded eyes are known for their lack of visible lid space in the eye. Hooded eyes range from slightly hooded to very hooded, where almost all of the lid is covered. Hooded eyes can happen for a variety of reasons, like tiredness or aging. One of the trickiest things to master eyeliner for hooded eyes because it can really change the way your face will look. If you do not eyeliner for hooded eyes properly it is either gone entirely or can make it looks like raccoon eyes.

Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes:

If you have hooded eyelids you already know that the mainstream eyeliner routine can not make your eyes look good or wearing eyeliner is very much difficult. But not to worry with this simple tricks to wear eyeliner for hooded eyes can make your eye look defined. the tricks are…

  1. Find the perfect eyeliner:

To starting an eye makeup first you need is to do is to find the perfect eyeliner for your self. When you find the best eyeliner for yourself you are ready to go. When you find a product which is working best for you, you can see that your makeup process has take speed. Smudgeproof and waterproof eyeliner is perfect for the hooded eyelid.

  1. Apply Eyeliner on waterline:

Everyone should know this makeup skill. This is a makeup skill everyone should add to their eye makeup routine. It is extremely useful for hooded eyes. For this technique use a pencil liner. To do this trick gently press your eyeliner pencil in between the base of your upper lashes and slide.

It will help to make your lashes look thicker and fuller.


  1. Use Eyeliner Stencil:

Use an eyeliner stencil to draw eyeliner. An eyeliner stencil works wonder to draw eyeliner especially for hooded eyes. Place it over the eyes and along the eyelid, it actually pushes the upper lid away making it super easy to create your eyeliner without any issues. This is the hassle-free trick anyone can use.

  1. Focus on the outer corner:

One of the most effective trick to draw eyeliner for hooded eyes is to focus on the outer corner of your eyes. Apply eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes to make your eyes big and fuller. It will help you to reduce hoodedness of your eyes.

eyeliner style


  1. Choose appropriate eyeliner style :

If you can find an appropriate eyeliner style for your eyes than go for it. A lower winged eyeliner style is the best eyeliner style for a hooded eye.


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