Top And Best Collar Neck Blouse Designs

Collar Neck Blouse Designs

Designs for collar blouses provide women with a contemporary appearance with personality. The most popular form of blouse worn by women nowadays is the collar blouse design, even though there are many other designs available, including boat neck, V-neck, round neck, sweetheart neck, jumper neck, and so on. So, in this article see below some best collar neck blouse designs.

Top And Best Collar Neck Blouse Designs:

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Instead of deep, round, and V-necked blouses, many ladies want to wear collar-neck blouses. The fact that you may wear these patterns to any event is their greatest benefit.

This style of blouse is appropriate for the workplace, receptions, parties, and weddings. These blouses go well with every saree and are appropriate for any occasion.

V Neck Collar

V Neck Collar:

This is a simple and versatile collar which works with all types of sarees. It can look professional or playful, depending on how it is styled.

For the fabric, you can go for a youthful mix-and-match approach or use a color-blocking style. Alternatively, leave it completely plain and go for a monochrome look that matches your saree.

Wedding Style Blouse With Bell Sleeves saree blouses flat collar latest collar blouse saree blouse designs band collar blouse high neck collar blouse shirt collar blouse ruffle collar blouse stand collar blouse

Wedding Style Blouse With Bell Sleeves:

You generally search for a creative design, especially for special occasions. This wedding-style blouse with bell sleeves indicates innovativeness in a unique style. The bell sleeves additionally help in making a special style statement.

Mandarin Collar Blouse

Mandarin Collar Blouse:

The fact that weddings are grand occasions demands that you wear something that is dressed up. Among the blouses that look chic is the Mandarin collar blouse. When you pair this blouse with a red skirt and use a net, it will add a touch of glam to your look.

A piece of light fabric is used for the entire blouse while a net at the bottom makes this the perfect blouse for festivals and events. The blouse makes a lady look classy and sensual at the same time. These kinds of blouses are suitable for women who have long necks.

Shirt Neck

Shirt Neck:

It’s a modern and playful option that can be buttoned up completely or left open, revealing some cleavage.

A statement necklace can be worn so that it peeks through the front part of the collar. It can be left plain or with matching buttons down the front.

Sheer Lace Blouse Design With Frill Collar

Sheer Lace Blouse Design With Frill Collar:

Sheer lace material has been utilized to make the whole blouse which additionally has padding in the bust area of the blouse.

With a sexy design, the sheer lace blouse design with frill collar likewise has magnificent appeal. You can wear this blouse to any special event to be an attraction with style.

High Collar Neck Blouse Designs

High Collar Neck Blouse Designs:

The half collar is a classic style in Indian ethnic wear. A great option for crisp cotton sarees, it looks modest and professional, making this collar a favorite with teachers and office-goers.

This blouse has a simple collar band that goes around the base of the neck. It’s a stylish and sophisticated option that works well with heavier, more formal sarees.

Perfect for religious and other formal occasions, such simple collar neck blouse designs go well with blouses that cover the chest and back completely to give a modest and mature look.

Embroidered Collar

Embroidered Collar:

This blouse has a simple, round collar that sits at the base of the neck. The beautiful thing about this collar is the fine embroidery that brings attention to your neck taking the place of a necklace.

It can match the saree border and be embellished with metallic zari or colorful threadwork. It is a favorite in cooler winter weather when combined with a full-sleeved blouse.

This stylish embroidered collar blouse design is, in fact, a standout amongst the most stunning and versatile pieces that you can ever include in your closet.

Give the wonderful chaos a chance to bring out captivating spells as you wear this piece with a black saree in style and take the hearts away. Don a pair of beautiful long danglers and let your blouse steal the limelight.

High Net Sleeveless Blouse With Frill Neck

High Net Sleeveless Blouse With Frill Neck:

The net on both the front and back of this high-net sleeveless blouse with a frill neck will most likely end up making you look like a hot, dazzling lady.

The design itself is so stunning that it will fetch you oodles of compliments. You can wear it with various sarees and make your peers ask you questions about where you got it from.

Button-Down Collar Neck Blouse Design

Button-Down Collar Neck Blouse Design:

The button-down collar blouse has a collar similar to a shirt collar with buttons at the front, adding a touch of sophistication. Versatile design is suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions.

Hand Print Collar Blouse Design

Hand Print Collar Blouse Design:

Embrace the drama and flaws of your body in this modern unusual hand-printed collar blouse that will certainly make a style statement. Unfurl the enchantment as you wear this beautiful blouse to catch the attention of people at your work or a casual outing.

Add more excitement to this blouse with a contrasting pink saree like this one and look like a poised fashion icon.

Round Collar Neck Blouse Design

Round Collar Neck Blouse Design:

The round collar blouse has a simple and rounded collar that offers a minimalistic and elegant look. Perfect for formal events, office wear, and traditional gatherings.

Collar Style Blouse With Dori N Pom Pom

Collar Style Blouse With Dori N Pom Pom:

If you have no great neckpiece to wear for a special event, you can pick this collared neckstyle. This Collar-style blouse with a Dori n pom pom design covers your neck as well as gives you comfort during the winter months.

Boat Neck Collar

Boat Neck Collar:

This is one of those feminine collar neck blouse designs and has a wide, round collar that sits on the shoulders and covers the collarbone.

It’s a classic and sophisticated option that can be worn with a variety of sarees. Accessorize with some large earrings to finish the look.

Keyhole Neck

Keyhole Neck:

This blouse has a simple collar which has an oval cut-out at the front base of the neck. It can either be just a small hole or it can extend till just above the décolleté. It’s a playful, flirty option that works well with lighter, casual sarees.

Zipper Neck

Zipper Neck:

This blouse has a short round collar that stands up against the base of the neck. It is joined in the center by a zip that runs down the front of the blouse either straight or asymmetrically.

A youthful indo-western look that functions well at parties and casual occasions. It’s a unique and edgy option that works well with sarees that have a more modern look.

Full Collar Blouse Design

Full Collar Blouse Design:

Modern collar blouse features a high collar that wraps around the neck and sometimes extends down in front of the blouse. It can be worn with sarees, pants, or skirts for a stylish look on any occasion.

The full collar can be designed in various styles and adorned with buttons or other embellishments. This modern collar blouse design comes in various colors and patterns.

Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan Collar:

Quite the trend in Western wear in recent years, the Peter Pan collar has been adapted to ethnic wear. It is a simple shirt collar with rounded edges that may be embroidered with pearls or sequins. It also looks gorgeous when left plain. It works best when combined with a casual saree getup.

Peplum Style Striped

Peplum Style Striped Blouse:

This astonishingly stunning peplum style striped blouse is chic, it is certain for men to fall in love with your look. Make a breathtaking style statement as you wear this amazing blouse. You can wear this quite magnificent blouse with a striped saree, and channel your inner fashionista.

So, these are some beautiful collar blouse designs for every occasion. Collar blouse designs can be tricky but they certainly give you never-ending choices to spruce up your look. Go for any of the above designs and allow it to do all the talking.

Checkered Shirt Style Blouse

Checkered Shirt Style Blouse:

This statement dark checkered shirt style blouse is something that gets our attention and will look gorgeous on every woman.

The rich pattern isn’t just beautiful looking yet, it addition, adds layers of style to your overall appearance. Wrap a black and white checkered saree with this wonderful blouse and let its charismatic pattern take control.


Half Collar Neck Blouse Designs:

Half collar neck blouse is a versatile design that covers only half of the neckline. It can be simple or elaborate with buttons or embellishments and can be worn for formal or casual occasions.

It’s made of lightweight fabrics like cotton, silk, or chiffon for comfort. The design adds sophistication and a modern look, and it can be paired with different bottoms and accessories to complete the outfit.


The Modern collar blouse design is so cool! It’s a mix of new and old styles that look fancy. The shape is simple and the collar is unique, making it super stylish. You can wear it with different pants or jeans, and it’s comfy for any event. It’s a timeless piece and comes in many colors. Try it and look fashionable!

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