Latest Computer Technology Inventions That Has Changed Life

latest computer technology inventions

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The computer is a modern high-speed electronic device that can perform mathematical calculations very fast by following specific instructions. But now it is being used for many more purposes besides complex calculations with its new inventions in the field of computer technology. So, today we are going to talk about the latest computer technology inventions in this article below.

The word computer comes from the Greek word “compute”. The meaning of the words “compute” is “Calculate”. But the computer is no longer just a counting machine, as people now can complete many difficult tasks with the help of computers within seconds.

What Is Computer

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What Is Computer?

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The computer is a combination of a set of electrical devices, which performs logical functions through electric current. It converts electric waves into their own sensors and resolves the problem arising from the user’s command. But the computer has no power to do its own work.

Let’s now know more about the latest computer technology inventions in this article below.

Latest Computer Technology Inventions

Here we have provided some of the latest computer technology inventions below. Check out the latest computer technology inventions here:

Practical Quantum Computer

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Practical Quantum Computer

Since ages, there are many speculations in science fiction about “Quantum Computers”. 0, 1 based digital or analog system can be made using “Quantum Bits”, this is probably the most powerful computer, but so far it is limited to the idea.

Top companies such as Google and Intel have long been researching this. Recently scientists have discovered its principles and structure, through which they have been very close to making real quantum computers! It is estimated that Quantum Computer will be ready within a few years.

Face Payment

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Face Payment:

There is a lot of direct cash transfer in the developed world. Smart payments have been introduced in many places in the world. The purpose of smart payments is to make transactions easier with the help of technology.

But in this case, there are many irritations – losing cards, putting pins, and taking money are difficult for many of these. Apart from other countries like our country, recent credit card fraud and cheating are happening. This situation has come to the new technology – from now on people can make the transaction with their face!

Smartphones are just enough to identify the face of the people. There is a separate device to detect the face rather than smartphones. With the device or smartphone, if you take a photo of the face, then automatically the money will be debited from the connected bank account as you swipe the credit card!


Already 120 million people in China are enjoying the service through the Alipay app. So far, there was no problem with this “Face Pay” method.

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Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy

We all have a brief idea about gene therapy. A more advanced method of this technology is called gene therapy 2.0. This technology will be used in the treatment of various genetic. Scientists believe that it will be able to cure diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Brain Cell Atlas

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Brain Cell Atlas

From the beginning of creation people inquiries about, “Who am I? Where did we come from?” etc. Although there are different interpretations in different scriptures, science has always been searching for it.

The Brain Cell Atlas is merely an invention of technology; it is a biological project going in hand-in-hand with technology. The objective of this project is to study and find out what is made by humans and the existence of the human being.


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VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets are broadly used with PC games; on the other hand, VR is also used in simulators and other applications such as trainers. It includes a stereoscopic over-head display (providing different imageries for each of the eyes), stereophonic sound, & head motion pursuing sensors (it may include accelerometers, gyroscopes, structured lighting methods, and so many more). Some VR (Virtual Reality) headsets also come with gaming controllers and eye tracking sensors.

To view any video as virtual reality, a special device is needed which is called Virtual Reality Headset. It is worn from head to eye. It basically has three parts:

  1. Cover of plastic or fiber
  2. Lens
  3. Headphones

V-headers used in gaming can have handheld joysticks, which can control the game through motion sensors.

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