Different Types Of Educational Technology & Software

types of educational technology

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Different types of educational technology & software are very important for the present classroom. The speedy acceptance of intelligent and streamlined software is proved to be a boon to the educators as well as to the administrators. Students too have welcomed different types of educational technology and software. It also concerns business homework help that students can deal with the help of tech tools.

In brief, there are merely any failures with different types of educational technology. There aren’t so many options in the different types of educational technology and software as it is quite tough for the educators as well as their IT (Information Technology) personnel to start an effective technology and software suite.


Fortunately, there’re specialists out there who can deliver insight into the different types of educational technology and software market.

What Is Educational Technology

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What Is Educational Technology?

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Educational technology is basically the operative utilization of technical tools in education. Different types of educational technology concerns a group of tools including media, networking hardware and machines, as well as bearing in mind the fundamental hypothetical views for the effective application.

The different types of educational technology comprise of numerous kinds of media that provide text, images, audio, streaming video, & animation. It also contains technology processes and applications like video or audio tape, CD-ROM, computer-based learning, and satellite TV, along with web-based learning and local extranet / intranet.

What Are The Different Types Of Educational Technology?

Let’s now check out the different type of educational technology below.

Synchronous & Asynchronous

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Synchronous & Asynchronous:

Different types of educational technology tools may either be Synchronous or may be Asynchronous. Synchronous learning occurs in the present time with all the participants networking at the same time.

For instance, in the Synchronous learning, there is a face-to-face conversation, Skype conversations, online instantaneous live teacher tuition and feedbacks, and Virtual Classrooms or chat rooms where everybody is online as well as working together at the very same time.

On the other hand, the Asynchronous educational technology is a self-paced type and it allows the participants to involve in the exchange of information or ideas without the reliance of other contestants′ participation at the very same time.

The Asynchronous learning use technologies including blogs, email, and web-supported textbooks, as well as discussion boards, hypertext documents, video, audio courses, social networking using the web, and so many more.


Learning may occur anywhere; even outside of the classroom. This leaning can be a self-paced i.e. asynchronous learning or it can also be an instructor-led i.e. synchronous learning.

Linear Learning

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Linear Learning

The CBT (Computer-Based Training) states the self-paced learning events provided on a handheld device or a computer such as a smartphone or a tablet. Computer-Based Training (CBT) initially provided content through CD-ROM, also typically obtainable content linearly, like reading a manual or an online book.

For this purpose, Computer-Based Training (CBT) is regularly used to explain static processes, including completing mathematical calculations or using the software.

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Computer-Based Training (CBT) is theoretically similar to the Web-Based Training i.e. WBT, which are provided via the Internet with a web browser.

Collaborative Learning

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Collaborative Learning

The Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) practices instructional means designed to require or encourage students to study together on a learning task. With the technological Web of 2.0 advances, distributing information between numerous people under a single network has now become much cooler and its use has also increased.


The Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is alike in the concept of the terminology, or the e-learning 2.0 & Networked Collaborative Learning (NCL).

So these are the different types of educational technology; let’s now know in details about the educational software below.

Types of Educational Software:

There are mainly a total of 4 types of educational software available. You can trust this educational software for your study. Let’s now check out the educational software below:

  • Courseware
  • Assessment software
  • Reference software
  • Classroom Aids

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