What Are The Importance Of Educational Technology?

importance of educational technology

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In general, technology means some machinery, computer or automated system. Technicians of advanced countries use technological tools for teaching. Education administrators and educators of these advanced countries believe that the importance of educational technology is many and everyone should have this facility.

‘Commission on Instructional Technology’ defines the meaning of educational technology in education as: “Educational Technology is a media derived from the Communication Revolution that is used in teaching, textbooks, and other art forms as well as for teaching.


But in reality, technology is not just machinery, computer or complex medium, but it is a planned customized method of action.

Types of Educational Technology:

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Educational Technology is divided into two parts

  1. A) Hardware
  2. b) Software


Instruments used for teaching, electrical equipment, and education materials are hardware. Such as printers, computers, projectors, chalkboards, radio-television etc.


Software activities in a topic, text presentations, text content, content contained in audio and video, pictures captured on slides, pictures, and images are software. The teacher’s proficiency, the stamina, and feeling of teaching, these are also called educational software.

Importance of Educational Technology

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Importance of Educational Technology:

Due to extensive research in various branches of science, the curriculum of the current world is rapidly changing. In that case, it has been found that a lot of good teaching is dependent on educational technology. So, the importance of educational technology is certainly undeniable.

Why Is Technology Important in Education?

As we have acquired a vivid description of the notion, let us now focus on another angle i.e. the importance of educational technology. There are numerous causes why all the teachers should initiate presenting technological tools into the classrooms. Here we have listed some of the importance of educational technology down below:

Teachers’ Demand

The teaching of the modern generations has one major twist as these teachers are being trained on how to use Educational Technology in the schoolrooms and what is the meaning of Educational Technology. The modern teachers know exactly how to utilize the technology in several useful ways.

Educational Technology is creating teachers’ jobs much easier. It assists them to evaluate the information of the scholars as accurately as possible. In addition to this, the educational technology also helps the teachers to keep the whole class engaged.

The teacher is constantly planning and preparing for the future of their students. In the best use of education technology, a teacher will be able to make the readable content such as aesthetic, figurative and attractive content. Thereby, improving the content of the learner and ensuring stable learning; the teacher will be able to get the status of skilled, smart, super and popular teachers in the field of professionalism.


Since the Educational Technology is nowadays considered inevitability and thus we need to implement educational technology.

Students Demand

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Students Demand

The modern day’s students want technological tools in their classrooms. Just like the last decade’s students desired colorful textbooks the modern day’s students now desire to get technology in the field of their education.

These students are fetching with technology even outside the teaching space on a regular basis. Technology has become a major part of their education & lifestyle.

Thus when we bring educational technology in the teaching space, consequently we are using something that the students would love to study. Resultantly, the students will straightforwardly get involved in the process of learning.


The importance of educational technology is many as the educational technology is turning to learn into more accessible and fun for present day’s students.

Educational Technology Expands the Experience of Learning

Educational technology increases the experience of the student’s learning. If the teachers properly implement technology, they can easily improve the processes of their learning.

However, besides implanting educational technology, still, the students need their educators. Therefore, pairing educators with educational technology are presently one of the best methods of offering high-quality teaching for the students.


However, swapping teachers with educational technology is certainly not an effective method.

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Online Tests

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Online Tests

The modern day’s students take standardized online tests that mandate accurate computer skill. Online testing comes with a handful number of benefits. The scholars can check their real-time scores as well as it is easier for educators to track the students’ performance quickly.

When the teacher presents amusing online tests in the schoolroom, the students will be well prepared for the online standardized tests.


In today’s world, every field including education, jobs etc. require technological skill.

Improves The Students Result:

The modern classroom is an enormous educational trend nowadays. When the educator introduces digital technology tools to the students, they check them with keen interest and use them in their class time for discussions, interactions, and evaluation that matter. Thus the students pay major attention to more or less every single lesson. Consequently, their result improves.


The educator can present different procedures to attract the scholars’ attention as well as evaluate their improvement. With this approach, the learning process will be enhanced.

Improves the Whole Educational System

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Improves the Whole Educational System

Educational technology makes every single piece of data available easily. Anybody can acquire anything with the help of educational technology. There are undeniably no limits to what scholars can study outside the schoolroom thus the importance of educational technology is many.


Individuals can learn anything and everything from online lessons and classes. However, online classes teach us only the basics of a task.

The importance of educational technology is such that when the educator sets the basics for responsible utilization of technology, thus they’re opening the entrances to a boundless world of information. So, we must be proud of the importance of educational technology.

Since we know the importance of education of technology, we must initiate utilizing it in the greatest ways possible. The future kids deserve this. Both educators and scholars are the mainsprings of our educational system.

Using the power of the student’s energy, there is no alternative to using education technology to produce effective teaching and education. Therefore, modern education has given utmost importance to the use of education technology in the teaching of science.

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