Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing: Know In Details

Cloud computing is a kind of notification system that enables all kinds of things for configurable system resources and high-level services. It is similar to a public utility which works on the right way to achieve transparency and economies. It helps a lot in our daily life but there are also some disadvantages of cloud computing that one should know.



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There is space to save a file or document on a computer, tablet or smartphone, which is what we call memory. But email, social networking sites, etc. where we upload all the things like photos or files but do not take place in the memory of our computer or tablet. Where are the last ones? The answer is on the cloud.

You might have wondered whether cloud computing is connected to the clouds, and then your thinking is in the right direction. Yes, the only difference is that there is water in the clouds, whereas the ‘cloud’ we are talking about contains digital data and it contains various types of information and other things related to it.

Also, these clouds are not in the sky but instead on larger sized computers. Cloud computing is not a very new thing. If you use the Internet, then you have been associated with it much earlier.

You get the email service right here. Most people do not download email to their computer. Seeing it on the internet and leaving it there. People do not want to fill computers with hard drives. All these things live in the cloud. From Facebook to pictures, a video on YouTube, an article on the blog, all these things use cloud computing.

Today many companies around the world are using cloud computing to increase their business. Amazon has given its customers an opportunity to keep favorite songs on their cloud service. Microsoft has also put many products on the cloud. The best and interesting thing from the consumer’s perspective in this whole issue is that many cloud computing services can be obtained for free.

In this sense, without any cloud computing, all types of communicating devices are just toys. Internet features and different features in it work only through cloud computing. The web search engine or any other site reaches the user only through all cloud computing. The existence of Google search or the Yahoo Mail or the photo-sharing site, without cloud computing, has no meaning for them.

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There are some flaws in this technique with goodness. So the disadvantages of Cloud Computing or its defects are listed below:


Cloud computing has made your business dependent on internet connection. When the internet is offline, you also become offline. If its speed decreases, then your work slows down.


Cloud computing means Internet computing. So whatever data you keep on it, how secure it is, it is in the midst of questions. That information can also be stolen by hacking.


First look, even though it is cheaper than installing any other software, but some such software has come now, which has a lot of features.


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Without internet connection cloud computing is impossible. This one is considered to be the biggest disadvantage of cloud computing. To access the applications and files in the cloud we need an internet connection. Without the internet, connection cloud has a minimal amount of advantage.


As we have discussed earlier that without internet connection cloud computing has a minimal amount of advantages. But there is more to it. You need a high-speed internet connection to access the cloud. With a slow internet, connection cloud is not accessible.


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To use cloud computing we need to create an account which has a password to secure your cloud account. But the disadvantage of cloud computing here is that if anyone ever gets your password he or she can access through your files and applications in the cloud.

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