Use Of New Technology In Computer Field To Change The World

new technology in computer field

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Technology is presently developing at such a speedy pace that yearly predictions of the trends or new technology in computer field seem out-of-date even before they published as an article or blog post. As technology changes, it permits even faster progress and change, causing the quickening of the level of change, eventually until it becomes exponential.

Scientists have developed new technology in computer field to create many properties, which can prove to be revolutionary in the field of speed, efficiency, and competence of the next-generation computers.


This progress can be revolutionary in the direction of the development of new components in the field of computer electronics.

Top 5 New Technology In Computer Field:

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Here are top 5 new technology in computer field that has the ability to change the world around us. New technology in computer field is though ever changing; we tried our best to list down the most recent new technology of computer field down below. Check it out here:

Internet of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT)

In 1999, Ashton first named the concept ‘Internet of Things’. Then they used to work in P & G (which was later used in MIT’s Auto-ID Center). He said that this is a system where the Internet can be connected to the physical world through the universal sensor.

Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a computing perception that describes the idea of ​​being able to identify the views of daily physical objects linked to the Internet & other devices. This term is identified with the RFID i.e. Radio-Frequency Identification as a technique of communication, even though it may also comprise other QR codes, wireless technologies, or sensor technologies.

With the help of this new technology in computers field and the Internet, our life has become easier than before. Many types of techniques and tools can be combined together by the Internet of Things. The development of the Internet of Things Networking is a big success. All smart devices connected with this technology send data to each other and receive data from each other.


This new technology in computer field is used to connect all gadgets such as Mobile, Smart Watch and electronic devices such as Washing machine, Micro wave, etc. through the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence means that the human power to think, emotions or say that we put human discretion in the machine. Simply put, Artificial Intelligence is the technology under which robots can think in any situation as human beings and make decisions accordingly.

In the new technology in computer field, Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced technology is included, which can understand the language of someone, and make a decision accordingly.

Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is divided mainly into two parts.

  1. Weak AI (Weak Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Strong AI (Powerful Artificial Intelligence)


The ultimate goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not to make a robot, but to create a computer mind. Who can think like a human being and can answer questions automatically.

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Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain Technology:

Blockchain is a technology that has been programmed to record Financial Transaction. This is a digital system, in which an Internet technology has the underlying strength, which can store blocks of identical information on its network.

Blockchain has the ability to distribute digital information, meaning that it acts like a distributed network. Not all records in the database are stored in a computer, but distributed in 1000 computers or millions of computers.

The blockchain is also faulted tolerant, that is, if a computer gets damaged in this system then this system keeps working. If any new agreement or record is required to be recorded in it, then it requires the approval of many partners (computers).


Each computer in the blockchain can describe the entire history of each record. This database is encrypted and entered in a confidential manner.

5G Network

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5G Network:

5G networks are the next-generation mobile internet connectivity, which offer speed faster and more reliable connections than before on smartphones, computer and other devices.

The new technology in computer field, 5G network will help in the huge increase on the Internet, which will provide the necessary infrastructure to carry large amounts of data, which is smart and more connected.

Along with development, the 5G network is expected to be launched around the world by 2020, there is no difference wherever you are, to provide a fast connection with existing 3G and 4G technologies to work online.


Many companies are busy ensuring that their networks and devices are ready for ‘5G by the time of 2020, which means that some networks may be launched very soon.

Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing:

This is Internet-Based computing, which provides on demand to shared computer processing resources and data to computers and other Devices, you can access any of the resources stored on the Internet Cloud from anywhere via Internet Help.

Cloud computing is actually the use of internet-based process and computer applications. Google Apps is an example of Cloud Computing that offers Business Application Online and can be accessed by using Cloud Computing.

So far, the software programs that you install on your computer and Laptop will no longer be required because the features of all these software will now be available through Web Service.

Cloud Computing is used to store data, this new technology in computer field service is provided through the Internet, in which users use the service according to their needs.

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is divided into 4 types:

  1. Public Cloud Computing
  2. Private Cloud Computing
  3. Community Cloud Computing
  4. Hybrid Cloud Computing


Examples of Cloud Computing – Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Drive etc.

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