Which Are The Largest Producer Of Tea In India

largest producer of tea


If you do not get tea in the morning, then it seems that the day went incomplete, hot tea does not only make your day good but also gives you energy. Assam is the largest producer of tea in India. So, let’s know about the tea producer places in India. See this below…

Tea Producer In India:

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So today we will give you a tour of the tea gardens of India from your article, tell us, the most important producer of India, who is very proud of the gardens of his impressive tea. The special thing about the tea gardens is that, after reaching here, the fresh air and pollution-free environments are the first things you will feel first, and you can enjoy the delicious greenery here.

While touring tea gardens, you can also bring some real tea leaves from these tea gardens, as well as share your life with a very important break from a busy life and live life in a relaxed way

Jorhat, Assam


Jorhat, Assam:

Tea in Assam: Black tea is produced from the leaves of a large plant. Assam is the largest producer of tea in the world which is situated on the banks of the Great Brahmaputra river. Assam’s tropical climate is known as the best tea in the world. Assam is the only region with a native tea plant in India and China’s There is second place in the world after the southern region.

Darjeeling, West Bengal


Darjeeling, West Bengal:

Darjeeling is the beautiful hill station of West Bengal, it is well known for its tea industry as well as for the major tourist destination. The tea of Darjeeling is also known as black tea which is known for its taste and aroma.

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Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu


Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu:

Nilgiris is a district in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu is a mountain range extending in Karnataka and Kerala. Eucalyptus tea is famous for its dark color, aromatic and tasty, usually grown in hills of Nilgiri or blue mountains.

Kangra, Himachal Pradesh


Kangra, Himachal Pradesh:

Palampur and Dharmala are produced in Kangra Tea of ​​Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Kangra tea is better than tea from the other part of India and is known for its unique color and taste.

Munnar, Kerala


Munnar, Kerala:

Tea County of Kerala, Mannar is a famous hill station situated on the Western Ghats of India. The scenic tea gardens of Munnar are with the main attractions around beautiful flora and fauna. The tea plantation is spread from Munnar to central Travancore and further in the state of Kerala.

Coorg, Karnataka


Coorg, Karnataka:

Coorg is the most popular hill station of the Indian state of Karnataka. Kodagu or Coorg, the popular monsoon destination of South India, its tea is well-known for the cultivation of coffee in the world, tea is another crop of cultivation in the Western Ghats of the Western Ghats including Western Rabi, Teak, and Cocoa.

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