Which Are The Constitutional Bodies In India?

constitutional bodies in India


Constitutional bodies in India are those bodies which have been provided in the Indian Constitution to run the democratic system of the country. Thus constitutional bodies are durable and more powerful. On the other hand, the non-constitutional bodies are those institutions which are established by the government by passing a bill in the Parliament if necessary.

India is a union of states. People of different caste, religion, and geographical location live here. All states have their own different types of needs and many needs are met with the help of constitutional and non-constitutional bodies. In this way, a democratic country like India is run in collaboration with constitutional and non-constitutional institutions. So, let’s know more about constitutional bodies in India.

Definition Of Constitutional Bodies:

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These are the entities which are mentioned in the Constitution of India and hence are considered independent and more powerful.

Examples: Election Commission, Union Public Service Commission and National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Castes, etc.

So, let’s know about the Articles in Constitutional bodies.

Articles In Constitutional Bodies In India:

Here I am giving the articles which are the Constitutional bodies in India.

Article 76:

Attorney General Of India

Article 148:

Comptroller and Auditor General Of India

Article 165:

Advocate General Of India

Article 243-I:

State Finance Commission

Article 243-M:

State Election Commission

Article 243 ZD:

District Planning Committee

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Article 243 ZE:

Metropolitan Planning Committee

Article 263:

Inter-state Council

Article 280:

Finance Commission

Article 279A:

Goods and Service Tax Council

Article 306:

Interstate Trade and Commerce Commission

Article 315:


Article 324:

Election Commission

Article 338:

National Commission for Scheduled Castes

Article 338A:

National Commission for Scheduled Tribes

Article 338B:

National Commission for Backward Classes

Article 337:

Scheduled Area and Scheduled Tribes Commission

Article 340:

Backward Classes Commission

Article 344:

Official Language Commission and Official Language Committee of Parliament

Article 350B:

Special Officer for Linguistic Minorities

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