How Many Types Of Passport In India?

 types of passport in India


As we know that there are 59 countries where you can go only with an Indian passport. Because the Indian passport has now been included in the world’s most powerful passport. And that’s why people of India can go to 59 countries without a visa. And by the way, in many countries today, we still have to go with a visa. But do you know there are 3 types of passport in India on the basis of color? These three passports have different importance. So today I am giving you complete and detailed information about these three passports. So, see the article below…

Types Of Passport In India:

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As we have told you above, there are 3 types of passport in India depending on the color. So first we will talk about the blue passport of Indian passport, what kind of passport it is and for whom it is made. And what is its use? So, let’s know about the types of passport in India.

Regular Passport Or Blue Passport


Regular Passport Or Blue Passport:

The blue colored passport is available both regularly and immediately. This passport is made for ordinary people of India. The blue color of this passport reflects Indians. To keep it separate from official and diplomatic, it has been kept blue as a passport. And with this passport, the customs officer or any other officer abroad does not face any difficulty in conducting any investigation.

And they are very easy to check the passport. The blue passport carries the passport holder name. Along with it, his date of birth, his place of birth, his sign, his photo and some other information related to the passport holder as well, is in the passport. And this passport is also seen as the identity of the passport holder. is. And when a passport is issued to any man. Or his passport is made. So that man can go anywhere by getting a visa on top of the passport. Now you would have come to know that blue passport is made for Indian ordinary people.

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Official Passport Or White Passport


Official Passport Or White Passport:

White passport is different from other passports like a blue passport. This passport is made for official people who go abroad for official work and the white color of this passport represents the government officials and this passport whatever The man goes abroad for official work. For them, the white-colored passport is made to identify the officer. To make a white-colored passport, a separate application has to be given and it has to be told in that application. What does that man need a white passport for and why does he want to get it. And the man with a white passport also gets some different facilities.

Diplomatic Passport Or Maroon Passport

Diplomatic Passport Or Maroon Passport:

The third passport in India’s passport is maroon colored. And this passport is also known as a diplomatic passport. And as you know by its name. This passport is made for Indian political and senior government officials. This Indian political and senior government officials like IPS and IAAS has issued a maroon-colored passport to higher officials.

With this passport, all kinds of facilities are given to those high officials from traveling abroad. And after getting this passport, there is no need to get a visa to go abroad after getting this passport. Due to this passport, those people get immigration soon from normal people. Diplomatic passports are issued to those people. Which are the officers of the High Commission? Or there are representatives of the government. The color of this passport is different from the color of those two passports.

Because this passport can be identified separately, and no investigating officer has any difficulty in checking it, so very rarely it is checked by the holder of such a passport. It is very difficult not to get this passport made. But for this, a separate application has to be installed.

In which you have to tell it. That is why you need a diplomatic passport. And why do you want to get it? And the holder of this passport does not face any problem abroad. It is very difficult to make a case against the holder of such a passport in foreign countries also. And this type of people cannot be sued easily. But this passport is not made for ordinary people. Neither can apply for an ordinary man.

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