How To Identify Plastic Rice From Real Rice

how to identify plastic rice


Nowadays, you must have seen the video of plastic rice going viral on social media. This fake rice is very harmful to your health. On seeing this video in many people, a fear has arisen that how will they recognize this fake rice/ how to identify plastic rice found in the market. If you eat plastic somewhere in the name of rice, what will happen to your health? Many people have stopped eating rice due to this fear.

These fake rice look like real rice. Therefore, by looking at it, it is not possible to identify whether it is real or fake. Plastic contains a dangerous chemical that affects your hormones. In addition, eating this rice can cause many stomach related problems. So let us remove this problem from you and tell you how to identify plastic rice.

The biggest problem with plastic rice is that it is possible to identify it separately only when it is being sold separately. If it is being sold mixed with ordinary rice, it is difficult to identify it. Because which grain will be fake, you cannot guess it by looking at it with eyes.

How To Identify Plastic Rice


How To Identify Plastic Rice?

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Rice is the staple food of many states of India like Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and South. Without rice and dal, people do not have their stomach full. Be it rajma rice, kadhai rice or casserole. Rice has an important role in everything.

If you also feel empty without eating rice and you feel nauseous about eating it, then be careful now. Is this temptation of rice forcing you to eat poison? Yes, nowadays, in the name of rice, artificial rice is being sold indiscriminately in the market, which is harmful to health. Eating it can cause many diseases.

It is easy to identify plastic rice separately but if it is mixed with pure rice then it becomes difficult to identify it. Plastic rice is made by mixing potatoes, turnips, plastic, and resin which our body cannot digest and increases the risk of deteriorating health.

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This Is How To Identify Plastic Rice


This Is How To Identify Plastic Rice:

The smell of rice can be identified in real and fake. But this is not possible every time. Sometimes there is an adulteration of Ascension.

There is no smell in plastic rice; if the adulteration is high then it will smell like plastic when cooked.

You can identify the plastic rice by sniffing while cooking it

One can find out if the rice real or fake by boiling the rice

Pressing cooked rice will suppress real rice, while fake will not crush completely

Plastic rice remains hard after cooking

This rice does not get digested nor rot in the stomach

The real rice breaks quickly, but the plastic one does not break

Real rice will sink in water while the fake one i.e. the plastic rice will float in water

To identify plastic rice you can also take a few grains of rice a try to burn them. If you smell anything like plastic burning then its plastic rice, not real rice.

Whenever bring more quantity of rice from the market, try heating a handful of rice in a pan. Plastic rice will start melting in it. While roasting pure rice will become hard.

What Is The Effect Of This Plastic Rice


What Is The Effect Of This Plastic Rice?

There are many diseases when harmful chemicals reach our body through the plastic. This can cause stomach upset, intestinal damage. Also, there is a risk of ulcers. And there is a risk of liver damage as well. The risk of cancer increases due to the consumption of plastic rice. So, be very careful and make sure you are having real rice…not plastic rice.

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