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Darwin’s theory of evolution tells us that nature supports and promotes the survival of the fittest. This means that out of all the organisms of the same species, only those survive that are more adaptable to changes and fitter than the rest.

The human being has survived on the planet and is now thriving, thanks to the years of evolution and adaptability of our ancestors.

The most important feature of human existence and excellence is our brain. Doctors and professionals from the best neurology hospitals in Bangalore, Delhi, and other major cities are an active part of this ongoing research and people are still trying to find out more about this wondrous machine.


The human body is a very well organized and sophisticated system of highly evolved and complex organs that work together to help the body perform different life functions. Unlike other unicellular organisms that are made up of single cells that perform all the life functions, multicellular organisms are made up of a group of cells.

This is even more developed in the case of mammals and especially human beings. This would not have been possible without a centralized system of organs that manages the other organs and helps them perform their functions with ease. This is the most simplified working of the human brain and the most necessary function.

The brain is the organ that manages the rhythm of the heart, sending it signals to pump the blood, it manages the functioning of the lungs, sending them signals for the exchange of air in them and all other organs in the body.

Inside the body, these signals pass as electrical impulses through neurons and nerves, that form the nervous system along with the brain and the spinal cord.

Apart from the functions of various organs, our brain also sends and receives responses to our senses and external stimuli like immediate decrease in the size of the pupil when eyes are exposed to bright light, immediate movement of the hand or other body parts if it comes in contact with extreme heat, response to pain, etc.

Basically, our brain is telling our whole body what to do the entire time by sending signals for the action to be taken.


There is another part of the body that works with the brain and that is the spinal cord. In simple words, the brain is where the command is generated while the nerves of the whole body are connected to the spinal cord and this is where the signals are sent and received from.

The basic unit of the central nervous system is the neuron that is the single cellular unit that is capable of sending and receiving impulses in electrical and chemical forms.

Neurons carry genetic information like other cells but they are actually very different from them in various ways. Unlike other cells, neurons cannot regenerate throughout our lives. In fact, they cease to grow after a certain age very young in childhood, and after that, they cannot grow.

On the other hand, neurons can continue to combine and form connections with other neurons for as long as we live. The human brain has close to 83 billion neurons and even more neural networks, which is much more than the total number of stars in ours as well as our closest galaxies.


Professionals from the best neurology hospitals in Bangalore and other cities continue to find out more about our brain as it is still not fully understood. Apart from the neural organization, there is much more to the brain like certain regions that are responsible for our memory, our logical thinking, our creativity, our emotions, and even hormonal balance.

These areas of the brain control and manage different activities of our thinking and different ways that we get new ideas, form behavioral patterns and even react to things based on our past experiences driven by heavy emotions.

Some aspects of these are studied under the field of psychology that also deals with the study and understanding of our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. These three levels form our thinking patterns and pretty much control our entire life.

The field of psychology also deals with the influence of trauma, society, and abuse on the development and reaction mechanisms of individuals who undergo these. It has various applications in the modern world these days like in trying to understand criminal minds and what causes them to do horrible things.

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