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About thirty percent of India’s population lives in cities. These cities play an important role in the economic development of the country. The cities are full of economic potential and the people’s purchasing power is better than other cities of India. So, here I have gathered some information on the top 20 cities in India. So, let’s know about the top cities in India. See this below…

Top 20 Cities In India:

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Here India’s top cities are described. See below which are those cities…




Mumbai is a city of dreams which is known for its fashion, charming lifestyle, home of Bollywood and some very famous cine artists. Simply put, Mumbai’s dream is like the dream of America in the world. Various colors of the city of Mumbai are clearly visible in its cosmopolitan crowds, different places and types of worship and various dishes and present many choices for you. Mumbai is good from the rest of the country through road, rail, sea, and air. Is connected in kind. When you reach the city of Mumbai, you can clearly see the difference in the life pattern of the other parts of the country and the lifestyle of Mumbai. Here’s an inherent sense of friendship in the air and here you will see the taxis moving on the busy path and the walkers who walk on the skywalk in a strange type of discipline which they have become accustomed to. Mumbai is by far the unique tourist destination of India. This is one of the major cities in India.


The journey of India is a unique experience in itself, and its capital Delhi will be an Amit memoir. One of India’s largest cities is the perfect combination of Delhi, Antiquity, and Modernity, which today has become the magical world of an industrial shell. Officially, the National Capital Territory (NCT) Delhi is called Delhi in Hindi. The capital of India is part of the New Delhi NCT, which is the second-most populous city after Mumbai. In the mix of this enchanting new and old Delhi, you will find a collection of history, culture, and amazement of India. It is not only the capital of the country but also the capital of political activities, which make it an idyllic place and attracts tourists to its peers. This is one of the major cities in India.




If India is culturally strong and its roots are traditionally considered deep, then West Bengal’s capital, Calcutta is considered to be the heart of the country. This city was formerly known as Calcutta, which has been the cultural center of our country since the British era. If India is culturally strong and its roots are traditionally considered deep, then West Bengal’s capital, Calcutta is considered to be the heart of the country. This city was formerly known as Calcutta, which has been the cultural center of our country since the British era.




Karnataka’s capital, Bengaluru has many names because there are many aspects to it. Popularly known as Garden City and India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, which was named Bangalore in 2006, it is one of the most important cities of India. The most important thing is to provide information technology-related services to customers around the world, to be the country’s leading IT hub. Enjoying the unique benefits of being the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is the preferred destination for property investment. It is well connected with highways and well-built roads from all the other important cities of Karnataka, which is served from the good network of public transport.




Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh, one of the most visited tourist destinations of South India. It was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahi, ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty in 1591. It is a beautiful city situated on the banks of the river Musée. Believing local mythology, this city has been named on the interesting love story of Bhagmati and Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah.

It is said that Bhagmati was a dancing girl and Sultan fell in love with her. In the name of his love, Quli Qutb Shah named the city Bhagyanagar. When he embraced Islam, Sultan married him secretly and his name was Haider Mahal. This is one of the top cities in India.




Chennai was first known as Madras. It is the capital of state Tamil Nadu, located in the far south of India. Set on the Coromandel Coast, this city is a major metropolitan and Cascopouliton City. From the perspective of business, culture, education, and economy, it is an important city in the country along with South India. In fact, Chennai is known as the cultural capital of South India. The name Chennai is derived from the Tamil word Chennapatnam. In 1639, the British had established a city named after the fort of St. George. In 1639, when the city was sold to the East India Company’s Francis Day, its name was Chennai. This is one of the major cities in India.




A city of Gujarat state that has always been contradictory, where Gujarati people, on one side, are known all over the world as Master Businessman, in the same city, Gandhiji taught the lessons of Satyagraha and non-violence. On the one hand, it is a materialistic outlook and on the other side is the spirituality of self-sacrifice. With many variations, Ahmedabad is well represented by Indian culture and it is the seventh-largest metropolis in India. Ahmedabad is considered to be one of the fastest-growing cities in India.




Visakhapatnam is a famous port city (Port Town) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, it is also known as Vizag. Located on the southeast coast of India, Vizag is the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh. Although Vizag is primarily an industrial city, it is emerging as a famous tourist destination due to its rich history and culture, green landscape, beautiful sea edges and beautiful hills. Visakhapatnam got its name, Vishakha from the god of bravery (heroism). This city is situated between the beautiful hills of the Western Ghats, on which the Bay of Bengal is situated on the eastern side. This city is also called ‘City of Destiny’ and Goa on Eastern seashore.

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Pune: The country’s pride. If you want to see India’s culture, tradition, technology, history together then come to Pune. Pune is the city’s biggest city full of amenities. This city is also called a city of virtue. Seeing the shopping malls, wide roads, colleges, education centers, parks, government offices, you will be proud when you are Indian. Pune is currently an I.T. Emerging as a hub is emerging. But if Janab, come to Pune, take care of two things, first, do not come to Pune with the first time – because in a short time Pune is incomplete walking incomplete and secondly – bring good budget because the city of Pune expenses is everything here. It is the master of money withdrawal from your pocket.




Surat located in the south-west of Gujarat state is known for its textiles and diamonds today. Behind this pomp and glow is a city of great historical significance and glory. Surat is renowned as an important center of diamond and textile businesses worldwide. In the world’s markets, 92 percent of diamond diamonds are cut and polished in Surat. Due to the maximum number of machines of embroidery compared to any city in India, it is called ‘India’s embroidery capital’. According to a global study, it is ranked fourth in the world’s fastest-growing cities. Due to these commercial aspects, this city is considered as the commercial capital of Gujarat.




Jaipur is one of the oldest cities in India which is known as Pink City. The city of Jaipur, known as the capital of Rajasthan state, is located in a semi-desert region. This beautiful city was built by King Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Amber with the help of an architect of Bengal, Vidyadhar Bhattacharya. It is the first city of India that was built according to Vastu Shastra.




Lucknow is known as the town of Nabobon, which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and is situated on the banks of river Gomti. The history of this city is of the period of the Suryavanshi dynasty. Lucknow was founded by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, he presented it as the capital of the Nawabs of Oudh. In fact, the Nawabs have provided this city with a polite culture besides a wonderful culinary style which is famous all over the world at the present time.




Kanpur city, situated on the banks of holy river Ganges, is the largest city in Uttar Pradesh. Legend has it that during the period of Mahabharata, Duryodhana gave a piece of land to his friend and legendary Karna for his bravery against powerful Arjuna. This place was formerly known as Karnpura and on time its name was Kanpur. The other legend is that on the basis of Lord Krishna’s name, its real name was Kanhaiyapur and on time it got its current name.




Nagpur city of Maharashtra state is also known as Orange City. After Mumbai and Pune, Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra. It is also called Tiger Capital of India. This city is 310 m. It is located at a height of 10,000 km The area has been boasted. Nagpur goes to second place after Chandigarh in India due to its greenery. This is one of the top cities in India.




Indore is located on the plateau of Malwa in Madhya Pradesh, where tourists are happy to go for a walk. This is a man-made attraction land, Indore is called the heart of Madhya Pradesh. The amazing natural beauty land here reflects the beautiful architecture and glory of Indore. This city is said to be the confluence of two rivers, Khan and Saraswati.




Jamshedpur was founded by the late Jamshedji Nusessarvani Tata, and it is also called the industrial city of India. This is the most famous city in the state and it is also called Tatanagar or Steel City. Jamshedpur is also the headquarters of the East Singhbhum District of Jharkhand, and the third-largest city after Kolkata and Patna in East India. This is one of the top cities in India.




Patliputra or Patna of modern days is an ancient city of India and today is the busy capital of Bihar. Pataliputra has been culminating in centuries of historical pride and political fortune. It has the distinction of being one of the oldest cities in the world and has always had its glorious presence in history. Pataliputra is situated near the southern bank of the Ganges river. This is one of the top cities in India.




The second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra envisaged a huge steel city to compete with neighboring states. Durgapur came to existence as a result of this. Over time, Durgapur became a developed city and then a popular tourist destination from the center of steel production. People come to spend a large number of holidays in Durgapur, situated in the middle of the state. This city will fill you with thrills like the other cities of the state. This is one of the top cities in India.




Dhanbad is a city in the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is the second most populated city in Jharkhand.[5] Dhanbad along with its adjacent urban areas ranks 42nd in population amongst other cities in India. It has been ranked 94th as per Ease of Living Index rankings. Dhanbad shares its land borders with Asansol, West Bengal. Dhanbad has some of the largest coal mines in India[6] and is called Coal Capital of India.




Vadodara is situated in the middle of Gujarat on the banks of the Vishwamitri river. This is an important city of Gujarat. Vadodara City, the administrative headquarters of Vadodara district, is located on the banks of the Vishwamitra river in the south-east of West India, Ahmedabad, the eastern state of Gujarat. This is one of the top cities in India.

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