How Addiction Is Affecting People In London

London is a beautiful, exciting, thriving capital city with a growing economy, diverse culture and seemingly endless opportunities for career growth, and any kind of downtime you fancy. 

Of course, underneath its colourful, vibrant veneer, a capital city is always going to have a dark side, and London is no different. There’s a secret shame seeping through the streets of London, even into the wealthiest neighbourhoods. That shame we’re talking about is addiction – a challenging, harsh reality for all kinds of people all across the big smoke. 

The Facts & Figures

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The facts and figures relating to addiction in London are quite startling. In Hackney and The City around a third of adults are drinking more than the Government recommended amounts, with only a small amount of those with dependency, actively being treated for their addiction. 

Around 4,000 drug users (aged between 16 and 59) in Hackney, and 100 in The City of London. use drugs regularly. Figures show that about 44% of Hackney drug users are using opiates. 

Across London, further studies tell us that 280,000 Londoners have alcohol dependency, and a further 2 million or more are drinking enough alcohol to cause harm to themselves. Alcohol dependency in London is also strongly associated with criminal offences and A & E attendances, with a massive 35% of A & E attendances being due to alcohol related harm, a number that can creep up to 70% during peak times. 

When it comes to drug use in London, one of the biggest drugs impacting Londoners is cocaine. The London cocaine market is worth £1 billion pounds, with cocaine users living in London estimated to be taking an average of 23KG of the drug collectively every single day. This is double the amount of other European cities and equates to 567,445 doses daily. 

The Toll 

“First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Are you struggling with addiction in London?

You’re not alone.

Many of the statistics we mentioned above are only related to the people who have felt able to access services, or speak up about their struggles. 

In reality, many people are ashamed of their addiction and feel unable to find help. Particularly in London, many addicts find themselves functioning, to a degree, with high-paying jobs, fast-paced lifestyles and even public-facing positions.

In the capital, an addict cannot be easily identified, and the majority of addictive behaviours continue in secret and shrouded in shame, at first, anyway. Eventually, the mask starts to drop, and reality becomes visible to you, and then to those around you. 

Have you noticed that despite your best efforts, your habits are beginning to impact your life negatively? 

Maybe your work is suffering, your personal hygiene has slipped. Perhaps friends and family, or even colleagues have started to notice signs of your addiction. 

There is only so long anybody can continue to limp along struggling with the crippling behaviours and fallout associated with addiction in London. The destruction of addiction reveals itself eventually, and it can be catastrophic in all aspects of your life. 

The Answer

“Recovery is hard. Regret is harder.” – Brittany Burgunder

If you are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction or looking for a rehab in London, Infinity Addiction Solutions can help. You can access discreet, confidential, judgement-free addiction services local to you without having to struggle any longer.

Inpatient and outpatient services are available, in addition to different types of therapy, medical detoxing, exceptional rehab accommodation and more. Expect a private addiction recovery plan individually tailored to you, designed to give a greater chance of long-term success and hopefully help you stay clean for life.

Being an addict in London doesn’t have to continue to rob you of the healthy and happy life you deserve to enjoy in this thriving, exciting city. Take the first step and call Infinity Addiction Solutions today for instant access to completely private, exceptional rehab and recovery care.

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