Which Are The 13 Major Ports In India?

major ports in India

India’s coastal areas have 13 major ports and 200 small ports. Major ports come under the Central Government and the small port state governments. The 13 large harbors located in the country have been made equally on the eastern and western shores. So, let’s see the major ports in India. See this below…

Kolkata Port:

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It is an artificial harbor located on the banks of the Hooghly river in West Bengal. It is the largest and the second largest port of India on the east coast. Haldia port has been developed to the south of the Kolkata port.

Paradweep Port:

Paradipip port, located on the coast of Orissa, is one of the strongest ports. It is known as the deepest port with artificial insemination. Paradip Port has its own railway and state and national highways are connected with this port. There are facilities for import and export of goods. Iron ore and coal are exported mainly through the port of Paradip. With Japan, the ore is the main trade of iron ore through this port.

Mangalore Port:

New Mangalore Port is situated on the coast of Karnataka State. This is one of the major ports in India. Iron ore exports from Kadrupukh Khan are exported from this port.

Kochi Port:

It is a natural port located in the state of Kerala which can accommodate large ships. Kochi port has been considered as the best Port of India’s west coast. Famous for the export of tea, coffee, and spices.

Jawaharlal Nehru Port:

It is located near the Mumbai port, it was built to reduce the pressure of the Mumbai port. Nhava Sheva port country is the most modern and fully equipped port, famous for dry trade.

Mumbai Port:

It is a natural harbor which is located in Mumbai. This is called the gateway of India. It is more detailed than other ports. The capacity of this port is more than 200 tons. India’s largest trade is by this port. The largest natural port of the Western coast. Most importing port (20% of India’s trade from this)

Kandla Port:

It is a tidal port situated in the Gulf of Kutch of Gujarat state. It has increased its importance due to the development of industries like minerals, cement, chemicals, cotton textiles, etc. in near states. The port is exported in a large quantity of cotton, cotton textiles, fertilizers, crude oil, potash, phosphate, salt, etc.

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Visakhapatnam Port:

This port is located on the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh, in the metropolis of Visakhapatnam. It is a natural and deep port. These ships are constructed and repaired in India’s deepest harbor. This port is famous for its quality and productivity.

Chennai Port:

It is an artificial harbor located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. India’s second-largest traffic density port and India’s oldest artificial harbor Ennore port has been developed to reduce the pressure of the Chennai harbor.

Mormugao Port:

Mormugao Port is the head of Goa and the best natural port in India, located in South Goa. Marmagao port is considered as the major port of export of iron ore in India. This port is very close to Vasco-da-Gama, which is an important city. Marmagao harbor is a major attraction of Goa, Vasco da Gama, and International Airport Dabolim. If you are planning to travel to Goa then you should go to this port once.

Tuticorin Port:

Tuticorin is an artificial harbor in the state of Tamil Nadu. This is one of the major ports in India. It is an artificial port, about 3 km from the old Tuticorin. The port is originally traded with Sri Lanka and the port is very popular with fishermen and the Pearl fishery of the Bay of Bengal. This port city is also called Pearl City. Through this port, merchandise, salt, food products, sugar, etc. are traded. The port of Tuticorin is known as VO Chidambaranar Port.

Ennore Port:

On the east coast of India, the port of Enno has been built about 20 km from the port of Chennai. This port is connected by road and railway. Coal is mainly imported and exported through this port. Coal is imported through the Anno port for the betterment of Tamil Nadu’s power industry. About 5 million tonnes of coal are imported or exported every year through this port.

Port Blair:

Port Blair Port is located in Andaman and Nicobar Island and is one of the major ports in India. Also, this port is located between two international shipping lines between Saudi Arabia and US Singapore. Due to India’s contribution to ports, the Government had declared this port as a major. Port Blair Port is the youngest sea port in India and it is connected to India’s mainland through ship and flight. Here you can enjoy taking part in activities like your vacation beaches, scuba diving, water sports, etc.

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