What Is The Difference Between CC And BCC?

difference between cc and bcc


We all use Gmail Nowadays. Whenever we send an email, we have 2 Advance Options coming out. Those named Cc and Bcc. But do we know what is Cc or Bcc? or what is the difference between cc and bcc? So, let’s the difference between cc and bcc. What are its advantages and how to use them? Should we use it?

What Are Cc And Bcc?

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If you use Gmail to send e-mail, you must have seen the option of Cc and Bcc. The option of Cc and Bcc is displayed to us when we click on To. Cc and Bcc are used for most companies or for business. Where more email is to be used it is used. But sometimes we also need it. If you do not know about it, then there must be information about it. Because this is a lot of work and if you do a job in any company, then this information is very important for you. So whenever you ask someone about Cc and Bcc, you should not be ashamed.

To send an email, we click on “To”, so that we can send an email and enter the person’s E-mail ID. But after clicking on to do two options in front of us and open cc and bcc. If you do not know about it then you should read this article in detail.

Difference Between CC And BCC:

Whenever we send an e-mail to any person, in To, we enter the email ID of the person we want to send email to. It is mostly used to send an email to a single person. But it is not necessary that we can send e-mail to one or two people only. If you wish, you can send 10 or 15 people together with Email in ToE and send an email. But all the people you put in the To ID will know that this email is sent to anyone other than me.

What Is CC


What Is CC?

The full form of the Cc is Carbon Copy. It is also almost like to do. But in this, we can send a copy of the email to multiple people. The difference is that the person who adds the copy of the email to Cc also goes away. But both humans with to and cc know that to whom this email was sent to anyone and also the E-mail ID can be seen. You can also use it to send email to more people simultaneously.

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What is Bcc


What is Bcc?

Full form of Bcc is Blind Carbon Copy. Bcc is totally different from To and Cc. You can also call it Advanced Feature. People with to and cc can see each other’s e-mail ID. If you use Bcc to send email then the Bcc will be hidden from both (To and Cc). If we send the same E-mail to 3 people, add one to the To and add another person to the Cc and add the third person to Bcc, To and Cc can see each other’s email ID. To which person this email has been sent to me besides But the person with Bcc will neither see To-To nor Cc person will be seen, i.e. that will remain secret from both.

How many people were sent an email to Bcc, except E-mail sender, meaning that no one except the sender will be able to know who has sent the mail to Bcc? If you talk about Bcc, then the person with Bcc can see the person’s email ID to To and Cc. But humans with to and cc can not see the ID of the Bcc. That is, they can not find the email ID that they have added to the Bcc. If we want to send email to more people, and all those humans do not even see each other’s ID, then you can use Bcc to send an email to this method. With this method, our email also goes to more people, and people do not even know that the email has been sent to anyone other than us. So the most important thing is that in Bcc it is the person’s email ID that remains secret.

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