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India National Game


India National Game Name: Field Hockey

Numbers of World Cup Wins: 01

Number of Olympic Gold Medals: 08

The Number of Commonwealth Games Wins: 01

Number Of Players In The Team: 11 players on field. However, 16 players on a roaster

Governing Body: Hockey India

India national game is “hockey”. Hockey is one of the famous sports in India in which India has won many times and continuously. India’s record has been outstanding in hockey and India has won 8 gold medals in the Olympic Games so far in India national game Hockey.

Why Hockey is India National Game


Why Hockey is India National Game?

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A game is given the status of a national game based on the prevalence, and the authentic ties of that nation. India national game Hockey has been played in our nation for quite a while. So it is our national game and numerous authentic stories are likewise connected with this game. The clearest purpose behind indicating a game as the national game of the nation is that the game ought to be a reason for pride in the hearts of the individuals of that nation.

Ground hockey is viewed as the India national game. This game is played either on the grass field or on a reasonable field, particularly as the field resembles a tangle. India’s exhibition in hockey at different international discussions was extraordinary during the 1920–1950s and maybe the game was acknowledged as a national game in the nation.

India’s achievement in Hockey


India’s achievement in Hockey:

India had won its first gold medal in Olympics in 1928 and then they won hat-trick by winning gold medals in 1932 and 1936 Olympics. That is why this era is considered the golden age of hockey for India.

Dhyanchand Ji, who is also known as “Hockey Wizard”, has been instrumental in bringing India a gold medal in hockey. When India became independent, India repeated its golden era again in hockey and once again got a hat-trick, this time India won in 1948, 1952 and 1956.

Apart from this, India has won two other gold medals in 1964 and 1980. India national game hockey in this way is an important game in all the games played in India which has increased the pride of India. When and where did India win gold medals:



Los Angeles1932

History Of Hockey


History Of Hockey

It is presumably one of the most antiquated games played today. Around 1200 years before the beginning of the antiquated Games of Olympia in Greece, the game was played by managing a ball with the assistance of a stick. This game is being played on the planet since antiquated occasions.

Present-day notice of this game goes back to 1527 when Galway controls in Scotland denied the game of ‘hockey’. At that point, it was played distinctly with the assistance of stick and little ball. The current acknowledged adaptation of the game of field hockey was created by the British in the nineteenth century as a mainstream school sport.

The London Hockey Association was built up in 1921 and the guidelines were solidified. This International Hockey Federation was set up in 1924 as the dominatingly British game on the planet.

The game was presented by the British government during the Raj. The primary hockey club in India was built up in 1855 in Calcutta. Bengal Hockey is the principal hockey relationship in India and had built up in 1908. India took an interest in the Olympics held in Amsterdam without precedent for 1928.

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Hockey Equipment


Hockey Equipment

The most basic gear for playing hockey on grass is:

Stick: It ought to weigh somewhere in the range of 600 and 700 grams and may have various lengths, ebbs, and flows, or shapes, contingent upon the player’s taste. Normally the material of hockey is either wood or carbon fiber

Ball: The ball ought to be around 7 cm in breadth and weigh somewhere in the range of 155 and 170 grams. They are generally made of PVC and plug.

Essential Hockey Rules


Essential Hockey Rules

The hockey court is 91.40 meters long and 55 meters wide. The objective is 2.14 meters high and 3.66 meters wide. The club is 80 to 95 cm long and gauges 156 to 163 grams. At the season of the match, 11 players from each group played. The absolute playing time is an hour and each had partitioned into four areas of 15 minutes each. Moreover, it likewise acquaints suspension components with better encourage telecasters.

What’s more, there will be a two-minute break after the first and third quarters and a 10-minute break at halftime. Score 1 objective for 1 objective and win with more objectives. And thus, male and female hockey players had recorded as the Olympic Games in 1908 and 1980 separately.

A Few Rules Of Hockey Are


A Few Rules Of Hockey Are:

But a goalkeeper, no player can contact the ball with any piece of the body

At the point when the ball leaves the side then a horizontal toss is made which is on the ground in the zone where the ball is discharged.

In contrast to by far most of the games, he can pass himself in a toss, which means he can go out and play with the ball

The player can’t intrude on the rival and spread the ball with the body, just while having the option to do it while it is in development

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