Aryabhatta Inventions: The Greatest Mathematician



Aryabhata was one of the greatest astronomers and mathematicians of ancient times. His work in the field of science and mathematics still inspires scientists. Aryabhatta inventions include the first to use algebra. You will be surprised to know that he wrote his famous composition ‘Aryabhatiya’ (poetry of mathematics) as a poem.

It is one of the most famous books of ancient India. Most of the information given in this book is related to astronomy and spherical trigonometry. 33 laws of arithmetic, algebra, and trigonometry are also given in ‘Aryabhatiya’.

Aryabhatta Inventions


List Of Aryabhatta Inventions:

Today we all know that the earth is round and rotates on its axis and that is why night and day occurring. In the medieval period, ‘Nicholas Copernicus’ proposed this theory, but very few people will be aware of the fact that about 1 thousand years before ‘Copernicus’, Aryabhata discovered that the Earth is round and its circumference is estimated to be 24835 miles.

Aryabhatta Inventions proved the belief of the Hindu religion of solar and lunar eclipse wrong. This great scientist and mathematician also knew that the moon and other planets are illuminated by the sun’s rays. Aryabhatta Inventions proved from his sources that a year consists of 365.2951 days, not 366 days.


Aryabhatta Inventions proved that the length of the circumference of the earth as 39,968.05 kilometers, which is just 0.2 percent less than the actual length (40,075.01 kilometers).



Aryabhatta Inventions Of Zero:

The invention of zero is a great discovery in the history of mathematics and it is one of the few great inventions in the world. The invention of zero has a very important role in mathematics. For integers and real numbers, it is the additive element of the sum.

The most important thing about zero is that multiplying any number to zero gives zero and adding or subtracting any number from zero returns the same number. And no number can become big without putting it behind zero.

Put zero in one and then increase to zero. The number will become bigger. Hundred, thousand, lakh, ten lakh, crore, ten crores, billion and then trillion If there was no invention, it would not have been such a large number and solving mathematics would have been too big, so the invention of zero is considered so important.

Invention Of Zero


Invention Of Zero:

The information about when and who had invented the zero was hidden for a long time. But Indian scientists have been claiming for years that zero was invented in India. It is said that zero was invented in India in the middle of the fifth century. However, now people know that Aryabhatta had invented zero.

But there is also a different fact about the invention of the Void if Aryabhata invented the Void in the 5th century then how thousands of years ago, 10 heads of Ravana were counted without the Void, how the Kauravas found out that there were 100 Sons. So, irrespective of all the debate it is being said that Aryabhata had invented zero in the 5th century.

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