Apple 13in MacBook Pro Review

Apple 13in MacBook Pro

Apple 13in MacBook Pro

Apple 13in MacBook Pro :- In 2016 the MacBook Pro was redesigned and launched, but it had old chips in it− namely Intel’s sixth-generation Core i5 or i7 processor with integrated graphics.

Later the performance was upgraded and brought to par with the use of improved seventh generation Core i5 and i7. But the one thing MacBook Pro didn’t have was a better battery life.

One year later in 2017, the Apple 13in MacBook Pro was re-launched with a better battery life which now matches the hardware specifications and the design.

It is expected that with the new battery life, the Apple 13in MacBook Pro will go almost through an entire day without any charge. Moreover, the new Apple 13in MacBook Pro comes with the seventh generation Intel chips with the new version of MacOS High Sierra.

The 1.37 kg Apple 13in MacBook Pro is a beautiful machine which comes in two different colors of silver and ‘space grey’ aluminum.

The Apple 13in MacBook Pro is 80 g heavier than Dell’s touch-screen XPS 13 and about 160 g lighter than Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

The Apple 13in MacBook Pro is similar in thickness to Dell’s touch-screen XPS 13 at 15 mm, but is thinner than Surface Book 2 which is 23 mm thick.

The screen of the Apple 13in MacBook Pro is best fitted to be viewed from all good viewing angles and the color and brightness accuracy matches the P3 color space, making it useful to edit images and videos.

The Touch Bar still proves divisive and some of the users say that it slows them down. But there has been a dramatic growth in app support, with most high profile apps benefitting from custom keys.

The addition of Touch ID fingerprint scanner proves to be very useful, but still there a lag as there is no facial recognition as the technology has already been used in iPhone X.

The touchpad which is big and sensitive is said to move awkwardly, but trying it with the power off and it doesn’t move.


Table of Contents

  • Screen: 13.3in LCD 2560×1600 (227 pixels per inch)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 or i7 (7th generation)
  • RAM: 8 or 16 GB
  • Storage: 128, 256, 512 GB or 1 TB
  • Operating system: MacOS High Sierra
  • Camera: 720p FaceTime HD camera
  • Connectivity: Intel Iris 650, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, headphone
  • Dimensions: 212.4 x 304.1 x 14.9 mm
  • Weight: 1.37 kg

Longer battery life

The 2017 Apple 13in MacBook Pro has enough battery power to do pretty much anything and with the help of the new MacOS High Sierra, some functions such as moving files, editing photos, videos and creating media are done at a higher speed.

The presence of Intel Iris 650 graphics card ensures a little bit of video editing in 4K which is perfectly acceptable. But if somebody tries to create a heavy video or VR creation, then it might cause some problem.

Moreover, the Apple 13in MacBook Pro is capable of a little bit of gaming. It can be managed to run the graphically demanding XCOM 2 on low detail and resolution settings with acceptable frame rates.

The biggest change in the Apple 13in MacBook Pro is longer battery life which is two hours more than the 2016 MacBook Pro. With the use of MacOS High Sierra, the Apple 13in MacBook Pro can work for eight hours between charges.

This included keeping the brightness of the screen at 70% and keeping 5 to 10 tabs open in Chrome as well as Typora for text, Wire for chat, Macmail for email, Reeder for RSS feeds and Pixelmator for image editing.

Despite all the changes, there is a lack of non USB-C ports. There are four USB-C ports which can support Thunderbolt 3 used for charging the machine.

But the absence of USB-A port used for USB-A flash drive, card reader or similar has not changed. It would be very nice if the next update containing at least one USB-A port or you can use usb c multiport.


Beautiful, great screen, Touch Bar, Touch ID, massive trackpad, thin and relatively light, USB-C port, OK battery life, usb ethernet adapter.


No USB-A ports, no Ethernet, no native display ports, no upgrading after purchase, very expensive


The Apple 13in MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar costs £1,749 and the one without the Touch Bar costs £1,249.

Dell’s XPS 13 with core i5 costs £1,329. The Microsoft Surface Laptop costs £979 while the Surface Book 2 costs £1,499.

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