Price, Launch Date And Plans Of Patanjali 5G Sim

Patanjali 5G Sim

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Friends, Baba Ramdev’s indigenous company Patanjali’s products are so popular that all of you know about it. Since Patanjali’s products have come into the Indian market, big companies will be stacked. After selling everyday products, Patanjali SIM is now coming to the Indian telecom sector. Reliance Jio’s cheap plans as soon as Patanjali 5G Sim, Indians are now getting cheap Patanjali 5G Sim Plans. Through this article, when I will get you Patanjali SIM (Patanjali sim launch date), Patanjali SIM price, Patanjali SIM Plans.

Patanjali Sim Launch Date

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Patanjali Sim Launch Date:

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Baba Ramdev’s famous Swadesi brand, Patanjali, is going to enter the telecom sector soon. In a program, Baba Ramdev told that Patanjali has announced a partnership with BSNL to make Patanjali indigenous prosperity SIM cards. He told that Patanjali will now create indigenous SIM cards for BSNL network and will provide cheap and good Patanjali 4G Plans to the customers.

At Patanjali sim launch, Baba said that very cheap plans will be included in this sim along with that the 4G network of BSNL will also be done well. At present customers will get a 4G plan for 144 rupees, with 10% discount on Patanjali products, other benefits like Health Insurance, Accidental Bima and Life Insurance will also be available.

Patanjali sim card launch date is not announced by the company, but Patanjali Sim Card Details has come to know. Indigenous prosperity SIM will make Patanjali and will reduce the SIM on the 4G network. In the coming days, customers have got a 5G network facility, Patanjali 5G Sim Plans.

Patanjali 4G Sim has started meeting the employees of the company. If the employees of Patanjali want to take the baba Ramdev Patanjali sim, they will have to take the ID and Aadhar cards in the office of BSNL, then they will get this sim and this SIM to the general customer will be available in BSNL office in the next few days. Patanjali Garment Store and local shops will start meeting.

At present, due to the cheap plan of Geo in the Indian telecom sector, there has been a lot of stir up, in such a case, if Patanjali is involved in this race then big companies such as Airtel, Idea, Vodafone may have to face further losses.

Patanjali Sim Card Price

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Patanjali Sim Card Price:

As soon as people came to know about the indigenous prosperity SIM card, they started searching for Patanjali Sim Card Price. Seeing the desire to know your Patanjali sim price, I will tell you how much the price of the Patanjali SIM will be.

If you look at Patanjali Sim Card Price, then this SIM will be given to the customers in absolutely free but with this, there will be a condition that you will have to activate the SIM by recharge by Patanjali 4g plan. After recharging at Patanjali’s SIM, you will be able to take advantage of all their services. More information about whether or not postpaid will be done with Patanjali Sim prepaid is not available right now.

Patanjali 5G Sim Plans:

If you look at Patanjali 5G Sim Plans, the company has launched an entry level plan of Rs. 144. After a recharge of Rs. 144, customers will get 2GB internet data, unlimited voice calls, Free Roaming, 100 SMS and 30 days validity of this plan. Customers will be given the benefit of the plan of 144 rupees through three different prices and validity, the first pack will be 144 rupees and it will have 30 days validity, the second plan will be 792 rupees and it will get 180 days validity, the third will be 1584 Rupees and it will get 365 days validity.

Patanjali Sim With Insurance:

With Patanjali Swadeshi Prosperity Sim, customers will get health and life insurance of 2.5 lakh and 5 lakhs. Baba Ramdev has said that the benefits of life insurance will be found after the person’s road accident. Patanjali Bima free will be available to the customers and no charge will be taken from the company for this.

Reliance Jio vs Patanjali 5G SIM Card:

Patanjali 5G Sim After coming into the Indian market, we have got tough competition from Reliance Jio vs Patanjali 5G Sim Card in the telecom sector. Jio is known for its cheap plans and its services are also good enough due to this, due to this, in a short time, the Indian telecom sector has got its stronghold Jio. After the launch of Patanjali Sim, Jio may have to face tough competition. But if the plan of Patanjali’s 144 rupees is seen then Jio gives it a much cheaper plan. Jio 98 offers 2GB data and Unlimited calls.

Patanjali of Baba Ramdev has announced a partnership with BSNL to give Patanjali SIM and look at the Patanjali Sim Card Details and get good benefits, but the track record of BSNL services is very bad. The company’s facilities are very bad, and if the talk of 5G network coverage is concerned, then BSNL is far behind than the rest of the companies. First of all, Patanjali should pay the services and coverage above or else the private telecom companies will not be able to pay a Patanjali collision.

FAQs Regarding Patanjali 5G Sim

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FAQs Regarding Patanjali 5G Sim:


Q. Is Patanjali sim available?

A. The SIM card, available to Patanjali Ayurved staff, for now, will be available to the general public soon.

Q. What is the cost of the Patanjali SIM?

A. Patanjali BSNL-Rs.144-Validity for 1 month.

Patanjali BSNL Special Plan Voucher -Rs 792-Validity for 6 months.

Patanjali BSNL Special Plan Voucher-Rs 1584-Validity for 1 year.

Q. What is the Patanjali SIM card?

A. Ramdev launched a Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM cards in alliance with BSNL.


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